Eric Amzalag, CFP®

About Eric Amzalag, CFP®

Eric Amzalag is a Woodland Hills, CA fee-only financial planner and owner and founder of Peak Financial Planning.

Hi – I’m Eric Amzalag, founder of Peak Financial Planning. While studying Economics and Accounting at University of California, Santa Barbara, I knew I wanted a career of service to others. I didn’t know what form that would take and began my search.

I walked several paths including real estate brokerage, marketing, and the family business but none of them scratched the itch that I had to be a facilitator and educator.

I began apprenticing as a formal financial planner and investment advisor at Ameriprise Financial. The experience did not last long – I had a conflict of values with the incentive model of appearing to provide financial advice when in actuality trying to sell insurance policies.

I decided to leave the brokerage and insurance world to launch Peak Financial Planning.

I have completed the Certified Financial Planner coursework and am in the process of completing the RICP coursework. I look forward to providing value and being of service to you and your household.

Dillon Cobb, CFP®, CPA

About Dillon Cobb, CFP®, CPA

CPA and CFP by training, Servant by inclination. Serving people who are hurting has always been my natural instinct, and God-given gift. However, it was during my period of intense grief that my calling crystalized. Simply Human Advisors was built to serve those who are grieving.

Taylor Peters, CFP®

About Taylor Peters, CFP®

Taylor Peters, CFP®, is a financial planner in Chattanooga, TN who specializes in working with young professionals and young families.

About the firm: Legacy Care Wealth recognizes the importance of flexibility and balance in the lives of our clients, and we are driven by the meaningful work completed while collaborating with them. Our mission is to plan for more life in the lives of our clients by providing effective financial planning strategies to those who dare to dream big.

Ultimately, Taylor’s goal is to cultivate calm when it comes to personal finances and help clients in their pursuit a joyful and purpose driven life.

Sarah Gerber, CFP®, AFC®

About Sarah Gerber, CFP®, AFC®

Whether it’s deciphering your stock compensation, deciding what to do with your new paycheck, determining how to invest your 401(k), deciding to pay down student loans or contribute to a Roth IRA, Momentum will show you how to navigate the personal financial world. I’ll help you get started on the right financial track for your future financial success.

After work, I’ll be running, reading, or playing with my baby daughter. Or possibly nerding out on biochemistry too 🙂

In addition, Momentum’s “Money & Marriage” program aims to help committed couples work through the challenges and financial planning opportunities that come with combining (or not combining) finances as they choose to get married (or not).

New grads and early career professionals are very underserved by the financial planning industry, especially if you don’t want someone else to manage your investments. Building your financial foundation shouldn’t be so hard, and I’m here to help change that. Let’s work to build your financial confidence and execute your plan together.

Phil Francois, CFP®

About Phil Francois, CFP®

Foundation Wealth Planning is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm helping clients virtually from central Kansas and beyond align their Catholic values with their finances. Specifically, we love to help young families with financial planning and biblically responsible investing from a Catholic point of view.

When it comes to financial advisors and financial planners, there are hundreds of excellent options. However, not many understand your biblical viewpoint, your desire to steward God’s resources, and your why.

The Bible has clear lessons on how to manage your finances and as Christians, we know that ultimately nothing belongs to us, it all belongs to God. We are called to steward the resources God has provided us. In addition to that, Catholics know this earth is not our final destination. So while it is important to manage your finances prudently, it is just as important to keep it all in perspective

Jeff Grimes, CFP®

About Jeff Grimes, CFP®

I started Parakaleo Planning with a vision to bring hope to those who need it after becoming divorced or even to those in a life or career transition.

I have been in the financial services industry since 2008. My initial career aspiration was to serve as a full-time Christian overseas missionary.

I struggled to raise support as a newlywed 21-year recent college grad, so I stumbled into becoming a financial advisor after trying to learn more about personal finance.

I felt like a failure and floundered for years with the loss of purpose and carrying a sentiment that I let my family down.

As a result of losing hope, I went through a divorce in 2019. It was not something I wanted but deserved as I reaped what I had sowed. I have three amazing kids and am thankful for that season in my life. I have regrets but can also recognize the good that came from it.

I am a work in progress. But I press on to take hold of all that has been made available to me at the Cross. I hope to encourage you and help you find a community of brothers.

Colin Zizzi, CFP®, AIF®

About Colin Zizzi, CFP®, AIF®, CEPA®

Colin is the founder of Zizzi Investments. Investing and athletics have always been two of Colin’s biggest passions.

He began playing soccer at age five and was introduced to the stock market in middle school through a mock stock-picking competition. Colin studied finance and accounting at American University, where he played on the NCAA Division 1 soccer team. After college, he moved to Spain for 16 months to pursue his dream of playing professional soccer. He returned home to play professional soccer in Central PA for the next three years.

While still playing soccer, he joined a local advisory firm in Harrisburg, where he spent the next 10 years. During this time, Colin earned his CFP®, AIF®, and CEPA® designations, while helping to oversee both qualified retirement plan assets and individual wealth management relationships.

Colin resides in Mechanicsburg, PA with his wife Molly, his sons Carter, Julian, and Leo, and his dog Sage. He’s a member of the West Shore Free Church in Mechanicsburg. He continues to stay involved in soccer through coaching and volunteering with the JT Dorsey Foundation, a local non-profit dedicated to positively impacting youth through the sport of soccer. Colin’s other hobbies include golfing, travel, playing guitar, reading, and working out.

Michael Green, CFP®

About Michael Green, CFP®

In 2019, Michael and his wife Emily welcomed their first child, Luca into the world and were surprised to discover that he has Down Syndrome. Suddenly all of the careful planning and preparation that they had been doing, buying a house in a competitive school district and working towards Financial Independence, went out the window as they were faced with a very new and foreign set of challenges.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who worked with a few clients who had loved ones with special needs, Michael knew some of the basics on the financial planning front. He worked with his estate planning attorney to execute new estate planning documents included a Special Needs Trust and reevaluated life insurance coverage as now they were planning on caring for Luca beyond the typical college age. But that was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the world of special needs planning.

After diving into the complexities of Medicaid Waivers, Social Security and state benefits, ABLE Accounts, Letters of Intent, and much more, it became obvious that there was not a consolidated resource for families in the special needs community to find important information pertaining to their financial futures. Three Twenty One was created to fill this need and work with families across the country who have a loved one with special needs to help them live their best lives and have peace of mind that their loved one will be taken care of no matter what.

Read Michael’s blog here:

Elizabeth Snyder, CFP®

About Elizabeth Snyder, CFP®

I am Elizabeth Snyder. I am a financial planner and investment manager. I transitioned to financial planning after 20 years as a mental health therapist. I saw a need for creating a non-judgmental and non-threatening place where individuals can get their financial questions answered and create a plan. I enjoy working with women who have recently gone through a transition: widowhood, divorce, death or other life transition. I often encounter my clients in the midst of a transition – mixed with loss or sudden money and possibly bigger financial responsibilities than they have ever had before. Ideally, I start working with people before a big transition, however sometimes it takes a big change to take the step and reach out for assistance. This can be a vulnerable time for individuals and I am protective of those I work with as a fee-only and fiduciary planner. I help you put all the financial pieces together into a cohesive strategy that matches you, your family, and your values. I help you organize, strategize, simplify. I partner with you to assist you in making the choices you want.

I am a mother of two children plus a dog and I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I love to get outside and enjoy our beautiful region.

Joseph Schmidt, CFP®

About Joseph Schmidt, CFP®

I entered the financial planning field, because I wanted to enable people to overcome obstacles and live fulfilling lives. I began work at an advisory firm in Southwest Virginia, where I served young couples starting families and paying off student loans, middle-aged spouses wondering when they should retire, and grandparents wanting to enjoy time with their children and provide for the grandchildren’s future. Of all these groups, I felt a deep sense of connection with couples and young families.

Both couples and young families face a multitude of difficult decisions. These include choosing how to structure their wills, how to invest and reduce taxes, how much life insurance to buy, and how to pay off debts efficiently.

With the challenges of serving young families come great rewards though! It’s incredible to see new parents welcome children into the world, watch debts dwindle away or receive forgiveness, and build strong foundations for the future. I love empowering spouses to care for each other and their children well and to feel excited about their futures.

The Start of Sunrise Personal Finance…

Because of the challenges and joys I witnessed serving couples and young families, I launched Sunrise Personal Finance in 2022 to provide excellent financial planning services built for them. I meet with clients at flexible times. I know most couples want to meet with me together, but some can only find time after putting the children to bed. My dream is to help many more families overcome obstacles and live the lives they love.

I look forward to meeting you soon and hearing about your story.

-Joseph Schmidt CFP®, MBA