Jay Lee, CFP®, CFA

About Jay Lee, CFP®, CFA

After almost two decades on Wall Street, Jay decided to follow his passion of helping like-minded working professionals and families achieve their financial goals.

With experience spanning across financial planning, investment research, portfolio construction, and alternative investments, Jay has extensive and diverse perspectives to help clients secure their financial futures. His client base has spanned the rising affluent to the ultra-high net worth.

Jay has been quoted in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Barron’s and has attained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) certifications, widely considered gold standards in financial planning and investment designations.

Sunil Harpalani, CFP®, CPA

About Sunil Harpalani, CFP®, CPA

Hi, I’m Sunil.

I provide fiduciary comprehensive financial planning services, including investment management, with a focus on income tax efficiency. I do not sell any financial products nor do I receive any commissions.

My niche is supporting high middle income professionals. I have expertise in helping clients who receive employer equity grants (stock options, RSUs, ESPP etc.), and helping immigrants and the LGBT community.

I am qualified in the fields of Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management and Income Taxes. I am a CFP (Certified Financial Planner ) and a CPA.

I believe people benefit most by managing their finances holistically with a mix of investment advice and comprehensive financial planning including income taxes, education, retirement, estate planning and insurance for risk mitigation. I recommend low-expense and diversified equity index investment portfolios.

I guide clients through their financial options and provide clarity, without using technical jargon, to help make informed decisions with the assurance that a trusted professional is proactively looking out for them.

My fee structure is transparent, and is based on the complexity of financial planning, family size and the value of investments under advice / management.

I arrived in the U.S. from India ~three decades back to go to graduate school, with just enough funds for my first semester. Since then, I have stayed on track to achieve financial independence by getting a good education and working hard in professional roles in finance and accounting. The key to my financial success has been having a financial plan, and monitoring and updating it as needed for changes in circumstances and goals.

In 2017, I launched Holistic View Financial to help individuals and families plan and manage their financial life optimally. I like listening to client’s stories, passions, concerns and values. I then develop a personalized financial plan and coach clients to stay on track to attain life goals.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and currently participate in pro-bono financial programs, helping cancer patients manage their financial situation and preparing income tax returns for low income residents.

I live in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. When I am not working on my clients’ financial plans, I walk or bicycle around the city, play tennis, read, enjoy diverse eateries, go to movies, attend concerts and travel to destinations near and afar.

Please reach out to me if we are a right fit.

Steven Chau, CFP®

About Steven Chau, CFP®

I’m Steven Chau, owner of Know Your Worth Financial and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Know Your Worth Financial was started to help immigrants and young minority professionals achieve financial independence in an increasingly complex financial environment. We help clients achieve this by simplifying personal finance and by offering a safe space for people to talk openly about money and get the tools necessary to build a thriving financial future.

Growing up in Arizona as a second-generation Chinese-American, outside of being told just to “save more and spend less”, conversations around money didn’t get much more complex. It wasn’t until I started my career in finance that I learned how underprepared my generation was when it came to personal finance.

During my decade in the financial services industry, I observed a woeful lack of attention paid towards millennials and minority communities. As I progressed in my career, traditionally firm prerequisites like net worth and investable made it more and more difficult to help the people I was closest to.

I started Know Your Worth Financial to move away from that traditional structure and work with more people like you.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me.

I look forward to meeting you and learning about your journey!

Vladimir Kouznetsov, CFP®, EA

About Vladimir Kouznetsov, CFP®, EA

Hi, I am а founder of Retegy LLC, a fee-only independent financial advisory firm specializing in financial planning, retirement strategies, and investment management for people who are approaching retirement or are early in retirement. I work primarily with professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small to medium-size real estate investors.

Have you put any thoughts into your retirement? You worked hard over the years to build a great life for you and your family. As you are getting close to retirement, it is critical to start shifting your focus to what comes next in your life.

• When can you retire?
• Will you be able to maintain your desired lifestyle during retirement?
• Will your retirement plan provide enough cash flow to support it for the rest of my life?
• Does your plan consider the effects of inflation on your expenses and your savings?
• Will your plan require you to take distributions from your market invested portfolio during a period of the market downturn? Are you worried about the sequence-of-returns risk?
• How much of your savings can be lost in taxes? Does your plan consider uncertainty about future tax rates?
• Are your retirement plan distributions coordinated with your Social Security benefits? Do you know how to maximize your Social Security benefits?
• Are you considering the cost of future medical expenses and the historically higher inflation rate for them?
• What is your plan for covering potential Long-Term Care expenses?
• What is your plan on how you or your spouse will deal with the “widow’s penalty” tax?
• If something happens to you, are your affairs in order or are you planning to leave your spouse and your kids with a huge mess to untangle?

There are hundreds of different strategies and thousands of financial industry products designed to deal with these issues. Some of them claim to be a silver bullet and make your retirement planning a breeze as soon as you invest in them. If only it were that simple.

I specialize in developing retirement accumulation and distribution strategies and advanced tax planning to help you navigate various issues that you may be facing in the future. I honor fiduciary principles to act in your best interest in designing and implementing your strategy. As а fee-only advisor, I do not accept commission payments and do not have a conflict of interest when recommending different financial products.

Besides financial services, I have а background in software development and real estate.

Hui-chin Chen, CFP®

About Hui-chin Chen, CFP®

Hi, My name is Hui-chin Chen, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and globetrotter. I specialize in helping people make smart financial decisions for international moves and global living.

Having lived in six countries in the past 10 years, in positions as diverse as foreign company employee, non-profit worker, dependent expat spouse, and location independent business owner, I have accumulated firsthand experience and created solutions to manage the multi-facet financial picture you are facing.

With my help, you will be able to pursue the life you envision while successfully:

• Manage fluctuating cash flow between multiple currencies
• Remain tax compliant in the US
• Keep your investments efficient and flexible
• Cover your unique risks
• Coordinate your income, expenses, benefits, and taxes from various countries

How do I do it? As your financial GPS, I will:

• Show you the big picture
• Calculate the potential routes
• Explain the options
• Give you step-by-step instructions
• Keep you on track
• Push you to move forward

Here are some specific types of people that will benefit from working with me:

• Americans working abroad
• Green card or work visa holders in the US
• Couples with different nationalities
• US government employees posted overseas
• International Educators
• Executives for international organizations or multinational corporations
• Location independent entrepreneurs
• People who prefer mandarin as working language
• … YOU? What is your story?

Most of all, I believe that financial planning is about having a trusted partner to discuss your options and guide you through the uncertainties every step of the way. Through this continuous process, you will become more confident and at ease in making important financial decisions.

I look forward to being that trusted partner for you!

Read Hui-chin’s blog: https://moneymattersforglobetrotters.com/