Jay Lee, CFP®, CFA

About Jay Lee, CFP®, CFA

After almost two decades on Wall Street, Jay decided to follow his passion of helping like-minded working professionals and families achieve their financial goals.

With experience spanning across financial planning, investment research, portfolio construction, and alternative investments, Jay has extensive and diverse perspectives to help clients secure their financial futures. His client base has spanned the rising affluent to the ultra-high net worth.

Jay has been quoted in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Barron’s and has attained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) certifications, widely considered gold standards in financial planning and investment designations.

Chao Zhang, CFP®, CFA®

About Chao Zhang, CFP®, CFA®

Financial freedom means having the flexibility to live your life to the fullest without having to worry about money. At Think Different Wealth Advisors, I help tech professionals and physicians retire early and live better by getting to their first million dollars and beyond.

With more than ten years of experience working at multiple hedge funds, I am ready to leverage my unique insights and deep research process to make your hard-earned money work even harder for you.

I am a fiduciary, fee-only advisor who is knowledgeable, skilled in investing, responsive, willing to listen, not judgmental, and above all else, always putting your interests first. Look no further. I am ready to serve.

Please visit my website to learn more about my bio, services, and pricing.

Jason Co, CFP®

About Jason Co, CFP®

Jason is Founder and Owner of Co Planning Group LLC, an independent, Fee-Only™ advisory firm. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Engineering Management from Missouri University of Science and Technology. He completed the education program at the University of Georgia – Terry College of Business and currently holds the Certified Financial Planner™ designation.

Prior to Co Planning Group, Jason served as a Portfolio Consultant for TD Ameritrade Investment Management (TDAIM) where he advised on over $110M for over 200 households nationwide, many of whom were Cantonese and Mandarin speaking clients from coastal states who were more comfortable speaking their native language.

Immediately after graduation, he began accumulating a portfolio of single family home rental properties and currently manages a portfolio of 9 properties in the St. Louis area.

Jason immigrated from Hong Kong to Kansas City, MO with his family when he was a teenager. Before moving to the USA, he spent each summer of his childhood in the Philippines to visit his mother’s side of the family.

He is active in the Asian American community in St. Louis, MO and is a member of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, he loves to be with his wife, Lan, and son, Logan, and travels regularly to Fujian, China to visit his in-laws.

Joe Bautista, CFP®

About Joe Bautista, CFP®

Joe Bautista grew up in Sandy, Oregon, and is the son of two blue-collar parents. He also has two sisters that are entrepreneurs themselves.

At 18, he joined the United States Marine Corps as a Supply Administrator and served 7 years, while being stationed in Kaneohe Bay, HI, Okinawa, Japan, Al Asad, Iraq, and Portland, Oregon.

Joe Bautista has always had a passion for numbers and money. He saw that his parents struggled with money and thought it was from a lack of knowledge and available resources to improve their financial situation in the 1990s. After moving to Washington, DC in 2012 and meeting other first and second-generation Latinos dealing with the same issue, he decided to become a financial planner.

In 2015, Joe Bautista began his financial planning career at a national company that was a Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisory Firm. After studying the history of financial advisors and learning about the industry, he noticed that the old model was outdated. So he decided to open up his own virtual financial planning firm that utilizes the subscription model to help him focus on young professionals with income minimal investable assets to manage. This allows him to live in Latin America so he can finish his goal of learning Spanish.

He is also the author of More You Know, More You Grow, and Your Daily Cup of Joe, and is currently in an MBA program at Syracuse University. He also has two bachelor’s degrees in Public Health and Economics.

Read Joe’s blog here: https://growwithjoe.me/blog-list/

Rebecca Montano, CFP®

About Rebecca Montano, CFP®

I’m Rebecca Montaño, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and my life’s mission is helping women tap into more confidence, freedom and joy with their money

The world tells girls we have a spending problem, save all your pennies, think small, live frugal or else you’ll be the bag lady under the bridge- no more! I want to help you get your financial house in order so you can live the life you want once and for all. No more money shame, no more worry, and no more fear… because once you have awareness and a plan, there’s no turning back.

Sunday Planning serves women, couples & LGBTQ+.
We specialize particularly in serving the needs of:

• First generation college graduates
• High income earners juggling debt
• Small business owners
• People wanting more for themselves and families

We specifically focus on serving the needs of women because we are the backbone to so many things. We take care of our families, we give to our community, and yet are still paid less for the same work. Financial planning relieves the money stress and worry and allows you to breathe a little.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have about financial planning or the process. We are committed to serving you in any way we can.

Yerandy Lopez, CFP®

About Yerandy Lopez, CFP®

Yerandy Lopez is the founder and managing principal of Wealthshore Capital LLC. Recognizing a demand for a more comprehensive and proactive approach to wealth management, Yerandy founded WSC to provide a more thorough, clear and tailored approach to addressing the broad range of clients financial priorities.

In an industry laden with hidden costs, undisclosed incentives and other conflicts of interest, Yerandy brings a transparent, thoughtful and candid approach to the wealth management process.

In his off time, Yerandy and his significant other, Sue, enjoy biking, traveling with friends, exploring new recipes, and advancing positive growth within their communities.

Welcomed to Tampa in 1998, Yerandy continues to deepen his connection to the city, its local business and academic communities. Having attended the University of South Florida, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Garnering additional licenses, designations, experience and best practices as a career financial professional for three Fortune 100 firms over seven years before establishing Wealthshore Capital.

Yerandy manages the finances of individuals, families and business owners in Tampa, Florida, utilizing technologies to accommodate clients virtually all over the country. Instituting the latest technology and resources to create an ideal client experience, prioritizing meaningful personal relationships and delivering a level of service previously exclusive to the ultra-affluent in the financial services industry.

Andrew Tudor, CFP®, RICP

About Andrew Tudor, CFP®, RICP

Alchemist Wealth was created to help Black individuals and families transform their relationship with money. Started by two brothers who spent their entire adult lives in the financial industry, who witnessed first hand the lack of adequate opportunities and knowledge to build wealth. They decided to attack the racial wealth gap in a unique way.

Sons of two public servants, each brother has key ingredients for what it takes to transform clients and communities for the long run. Andrew, the younger brother, leads with vision, confidence, and empathy. Fred, the older and wiser brother, leads with principles, accuracy, and stability. The combination creates dynamic, forward-thinking strategies, delivered with efficiency and precision.

Money is a tool in the hands of its steward. The values, goals, and mindset of the person should determine how the tool is used. The Alchemist Wealth process uses unique experiences to uncover your values, hopes, and fears to design a specialized plan for each client and provides the support, guidance, and accountability to achieve it.

We are all chasing freedom, and financial freedom is at the heart of this desire. Alchemist Wealth’s mission is to create an army of Black financially free families whose money is aligned with their values and who live life on their terms.

Travis Tracy, CFP®, EA

About Travis Tracy, CFP®, EA

Hi, I’m Travis! I created this firm to help people like you build the courage to take control of your finances and to make better decisions to reach your goals. My job is not to pass judgment on any past decisions, but to educate and encourage you going forward. I want to help you use your wealth as a tool to achieve your short-term and long-term goals, so you can live the life you want.

I’m from a small town in South Carolina. I graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, and currently live and work in Durham, NC with my wife, Shelby, our daughter, Peyton, and our dogs, Savannah and Bailey. Before founding Fortitude Financial Planning, I worked in the financial service industry for seven years in multiple roles, my last being an Associate Financial Planner at a fee-only firm in Durham, NC.

I am a Certified Financial Planner™, an Enrolled Agent authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS, and a notary public commissioned in the State of North Carolina.

Read Travis’ blog here: http://www.fortitudefp.com/blogs

Sunil Harpalani, CFP®, CPA

About Sunil Harpalani, CFP®, CPA

Hi, I’m Sunil.

I provide fiduciary comprehensive financial planning services, including investment management, with a focus on income tax efficiency. I do not sell any financial products nor do I receive any commissions.

My niche is supporting high middle income professionals. I have expertise in helping clients who receive employer equity grants (stock options, RSUs, ESPP etc.), and helping immigrants and the LGBT community.

I am qualified in the fields of Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Management and Income Taxes. I am a CFP (Certified Financial Planner ) and a CPA.

I believe people benefit most by managing their finances holistically with a mix of investment advice and comprehensive financial planning including income taxes, education, retirement, estate planning and insurance for risk mitigation. I recommend low-expense and diversified equity index investment portfolios.

I guide clients through their financial options and provide clarity, without using technical jargon, to help make informed decisions with the assurance that a trusted professional is proactively looking out for them.

My fee structure is transparent, and is based on the complexity of financial planning, family size and the value of investments under advice / management.

I arrived in the U.S. from India ~three decades back to go to graduate school, with just enough funds for my first semester. Since then, I have stayed on track to achieve financial independence by getting a good education and working hard in professional roles in finance and accounting. The key to my financial success has been having a financial plan, and monitoring and updating it as needed for changes in circumstances and goals.

In 2017, I launched Holistic View Financial to help individuals and families plan and manage their financial life optimally. I like listening to client’s stories, passions, concerns and values. I then develop a personalized financial plan and coach clients to stay on track to attain life goals.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and currently participate in pro-bono financial programs, helping cancer patients manage their financial situation and preparing income tax returns for low income residents.

I live in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. When I am not working on my clients’ financial plans, I walk or bicycle around the city, play tennis, read, enjoy diverse eateries, go to movies, attend concerts and travel to destinations near and afar.

Please reach out to me if we are a right fit.

Steven Chau, CFP®

About Steven Chau, CFP®

I’m Steven Chau, owner of Know Your Worth Financial and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Know Your Worth Financial was started to help immigrants and young minority professionals achieve financial independence in an increasingly complex financial environment. We help clients achieve this by simplifying personal finance and by offering a safe space for people to talk openly about money and get the tools necessary to build a thriving financial future.

Growing up in Arizona as a second-generation Chinese-American, outside of being told just to “save more and spend less”, conversations around money didn’t get much more complex. It wasn’t until I started my career in finance that I learned how underprepared my generation was when it came to personal finance.

During my decade in the financial services industry, I observed a woeful lack of attention paid towards millennials and minority communities. As I progressed in my career, traditionally firm prerequisites like net worth and investable made it more and more difficult to help the people I was closest to.

I started Know Your Worth Financial to move away from that traditional structure and work with more people like you.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me.

I look forward to meeting you and learning about your journey!