Will Morrison, CFP®, CPA

About Will Morrison, CFP®, CPA

I would say I took a non-traditional path to get my college degree. I went to a couple of different colleges prior to running out of money. I then worked as an over the road truck driver for 3 years to save money to finish my degree. I’ve always loved an adventure, and life on the road gave me adventure and also a path to save money.

I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting, earned my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) after graduation. I worked as an auditor and fraud investigator for several years prior to getting into education.

For the past 10 years, I have taught accounting and finance at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I teach financial planning classes to students who want to be financial planners. Many students get internships that recruiters call “financial planning”, but all they do is sell to people. I’m fortunate to get to teach them what “real financial planning” can truly be.

One of the great things about teaching is how much I learn from the people I am teaching. This is really my inspiration for getting into financial planning. I get to meet such a diverse group of people each semester and they will ask me financial questions relating to personal/family issues. I started to realize that I had the ability to help people with this knowledge that I had. This led me to down the path of getting my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification which I received in April of 2019.

My goal in financial planning is to help clients achieve a better life. There is a common misconception that the only people who need financial planners are people with a lot of money. I believe that financial planning can help anyone, regardless of the amount of money they have, to live their best lives. I want clients to know when they work with me, they are working with someone who is dedicated to putting their interests first. We don’t just plan for retirement, we plan for tomorrow, for 5 years from now, for 15 years from now, etc. I believe that the sooner people start working with a financial planner, the better. 22 years old and just graduated from college? Perfect!

In my spare time, I spend time with my family: my wife Ginger, my three children, and our dog Rosie (Corgi). We love a road trip and try to visit Yellowstone National Park each summer. We also camp around Northern Wisconsin, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and our favorite place Washington Island. I also practice judo, serve as president of my local elementary school PTA, and serve as a Cubmaster of a Cub Scout Pack.

Tara Unverzagt, CFP®, MBA

About Tara Unverzagt, CFP®, MBA, CFT-I, CTEC, RTRP registered tax preparer

South Bay Financial Partners was founded by Tara Unverzagt, who first explored financial planning as a young girl growing up with a mom who became a financial planner in the 1970s before the career even existed. Tara follows her mother in breaking new ground by helping expand the future of financial advice with the Financial Therapy Association. Dealing not just with the numbers but also the fear, shame, anxiety behind the numbers that prevent you from being your best.

Stuart, our Assistant Advisor, is Spanish speaking and a first-generation college graduate in his family. He brings important knowledge and experience to our team.

“We believe it’s your day to day decisions that make the difference in achieving financial success or not.” – South Bay Financial Partners team

Tara has been working in financial planning, investment advice, and tax preparation for over 25 years. She and the South Bay Financial Planning team are excited to help young adults who are just starting their working careers and in a couple’s relationship, set up a strong foundation in making money decisions. Many of our clients are couples with one freelancer navigating a new business launch.

Your finances should support your life and not the other way around. You should have a life plan that includes your values and helps you live by them without shame, fear, anxiety, or depression. Your budget should tell your story.

We’re not afraid to look at the emotional side of money decisions to make sure your journey is emotionally satisfying in addition to calculating the numbers. This can’t be done in a quick one or two-hour meeting. We go on a journey with you that we call Your Amazing Life.

Chris Hansen, CFP®

About Chris Hansen, CFP®

My name is Chris Hansen, and I am a Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

In 2016, my son graduated from the University of Cincinnati Medical School and is now in Ann Arbor, Michigan to become a Neurologist. Working with him and some of his fellow graduates made me realize that new doctors have nowhere to turn when trying to understand and find answers to the complex financial issues they are facing. Most of the information available on the internet is either incomplete, wrong, or an attempt to sell products or advertising. I will do my best to produce a series of articles that will help you cut through the garbage and find the information you need.

If you have a specific question or want a particular subject covered, please feel free to drop me a line anytime at Hello@PersonalChoiceFinancial.com.

Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP®

About Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP®

I’m committed to showing young professionals how a partnership with an advisor can work for them, and how they have the tools and capability to take control of their finances. My aim is to educate, not just give advice or recommendations. Today’s new graduates and young professionals are facing a very different financial landscape from their parents – much higher student loan debt, a nonstop stream of financial news, the memory of a crisis many families haven’t quite bounced back from – and so need a different kind of advisor.

Financial planning is sometimes thought of as something you have to do yourself – because advisors are “only for the rich” – or conversely, something you give up control over because it’s so complicated you can’t possibly understand it. But I think there’s a better way – developing a relationship with someone committed to being your steward and coach as your financial life unfolds.

I’ve worked in the financial services industry since earning my bachelor’s degree in 1997, and in the investment management and financial planning industries since earning my MBA in 2005. I’ve seen the difference that applying sound financial principles can make in someone’s life, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer it to a broader range of clients.

When not helping clients, I enjoy exploring my hometown of Brooklyn, NY with my husband and son, training for half marathons, watching baseball, cooking, and trying to find time to read for fun.