C. Bradley Bond, CFP®, CFA®

About C. Bradley Bond, CFP®, CFA®, AIF®, EA

I have been providing financial planning and investment advisory services to individuals and families for over 20 years. Over that time I have developed expertise with four key groups that have become the focus of my practice:

– Established families facing increasing financial complexities and
competing priorities as children and careers grow

– Travel nurses and other workers living and working in multiple states. My
wife is a travel nurse and we are full-time RVers

– Widows and widowers

– Families considering career changes, or experiencing sudden wealth, such
as through inheritance.

I joined XY Planning Network because the effect of good decisions is especially magnified for younger clients. Starting off right and making small changes sooner is much easier than having to make large, uncomfortable changes later.

I value education, and I value being a fiduciary to my clients. I have invested in the credentials and continuing education that provide a solid base of knowledge for what I do:

Chartered Financial Analyst®
Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
Enrolled to practice before Internal Revenue Service

In addition to my financial planning practice, I have served as an expert witness in securities arbitration cases.

Outside of work, I enjoy fitness and outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, and sailing.

Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP®

About Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP®

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional with over a decade of experience, Rianka approaches financial planning with a strong emphasis on financial education and provides business owners, individuals, and families with the tools to make informed financial decisions. Rianka firmly believes individuals can make positive long-term decisions about their money if they understand their financial history, money culture, and the way those two things impact their lives.

Before launching 2050 Wealth Partners, Rianka founded Your Greatest Contribution (YGC) a virtual, fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm that served entrepreneurs, first-generation wealth builders, and thriving professionals in their late 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Now, as the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of 2050 Wealth Partners, she focuses on providing exceptional financial services to the same first-generation wealth-builders and thriving professionals. She and Lazetta Rainey Braxton have partnered to elevate their service offering to current clients, and expand their ability to provide financial services to individuals who belong to underserved communities.

As an advocate for young professionals, Rianka served as 2016 National President of Financial Planning Association’s NexGen community, where she focused on the cultivation of the next generation of financial planners. Her volunteer work included the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, and co-founding a mentorship program for women in financial planning at her alma mater, Virginia Tech.

Currently, Rianka sits on CNBC’s Financial Advisors Council, and volunteers for the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning to help build a more diverse financial planning profession, both as a member of the Center’s Diversity Advisory Group and as a spokesperson for the “I am a CFP® Pro” campaign to encourage young people of all backgrounds to consider a career in financial planning.

In 2018, Rianka created 2050 TrailBlazers, a podcast aimed to directly address the lack of diversity in the financial planning profession by engaging industry experts and leaders in conversation to encourage cultural awareness, cultural perspective, and ways to make a measurable impact.

Through her leadership, contribution, and volunteerism within the financial service industry, Rianka has been recognized by InvestmentNews as the 2017 Women to Watch Rising Star and as a 2015 “40 Under 40” financial services professional. Wealth Management and Financial Advisor Magazine added her to 2016’s Top 10 CFP® certification holders in the country, and Wealth Management listed Rianka as one of the “Ten to Watch in 2018.” Additionally, Rianka has been published in The Journal of Financial Planning where she shared her research around cultural and wealth patterns of the millennial generation.

Please visit her blog: https://www.2050wealthpartners.com/wealth-by-design-blog

Danna Jacobs, CFP®, MBA, ADPA

About Danna Jacobs, CFP®, MBA, ADPA

I started my career working at a traditional broker/dealer and found myself in a sales role working with ultra high net worth clients. One benefit of collaborating with this class of clients is that a large number of them had a family office run by a Certified Financial Planner®, and that opened my eyes into the depth of understanding those individuals had on that family’s goals, upcoming plans, tax impact from investment decisions and estate planning implications. I went back to school and got my MBA, CFP® and launched Legacy Care Wealth to provide comprehensive planning solutions for H.E.N.R.Y (High-Earning Not Rich Yet) clients. A large number of my clients are young individuals, couples or families with strong earnings, but numerous questions around how to plan for shifts in their careers, relocations, real estate transactions, planning for a family, how to pay down student debt, how much insurance they really need and what is an estate plan that is suitable for them. As a mom of two young boys, with three homes under her belt, two start-up ventures and career shift, I personally understood the financial challenges of these life events and am honored to be able to work with my clients as they embark on their journeys. Legacy Care Wealth is a family focused financial planning practice that develops goal-based financial plans that fully capture current and future wealth pictures. We strive to understand and communicate a comprehensive view of family wealth and lifetime success to be a true partner with our clients.

In my spare time I can be found kayaking, hiking, reading, and enjoying my days outside (if possible) with my husband and sons. I am also a Board Member for the Student/Partner Alliance, a non-profit that partners with private high schools in local urban areas to provide scholarship and mentoring to deserving students.

Vid Ponnapalli, CFP®, MS

About Vid Ponnapalli, CFP®, MS

My name is Vid Ponnapalli. I am the owner of Unique Financial Advisors & Tax Consultants. I provide customized Financial coaching, Investment Management, and Tax services for Busy, Mid-career Professionals. Here is my story:

Flashback: I was 38. My wife and I were busy with our careers and three children. Our financial accounts were scattered. We were paying a lot in income taxes. We had conflicting financial goals: Spend on the car we like, spend on family vacations, save for our dream home, save for our kids’ education or save for retirement. We needed help organizing our financial life; We needed financial advice, so we could achieve our goals! We looked around but could not find an unbiased financial advisor who would put our interest before his/hers.

Fast forward: Five years later, I approached a financial advisor for help with Investment Management. His firm insisted that I need a minimum of $1million to become a client. I was not ready to commit that much money to start a new advisory relationship. Again, I could not find the financial advisor I was looking for!

That is when I realized that busy, mid-career professionals are under-served by traditional financial planning methods. I wanted to contribute and change this paradigm. The result: I launched Unique Financial Advisors in 2014 with a commitment to provide fee-only financial advice with no asset or income minimums.

If this fits your vision, too, please visit my website and my blog to learn more.

On a personal note – my beautiful wife, Maha and I live in Holmdel, New Jersey. Our three young boys are on their path to settling down in life. When I am not working, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and spending time with family.


Helen Ngo, CFP®

About Helen Ngo, CFP®

Helen Ngo, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, began her career at Raymond James in 2008 at a private practice in Atlanta, working with a team of advisors manage over $500MM in assets. In an effort to expand her knowledge and skills, she moved to Tampa, FL and entered Raymond James’ Financial Planning Residency Program, a rigorous 2-year curriculum designed to sharpen a financial advisor’s expertise in investment management, asset preservation, and financial planning strategies.

In 2013, Helen founded her own independent financial planning practice, Capital Benchmark Partners, LLC, to dedicate more time and focus on helping women professionals in the fields of law, consulting, and medicine to build their wealth and advance their careers. Furthermore, she specializes in business planning for women solo entrepreneurs.

Her unique style and approach to business has allowed her to expand her business to accommodate clients nationally and overseas. Helen is often featured in major financial news outlets including CNBC, Forbes, NerdWallet, CBS Money, and Investor’s Business Daily.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from Emory University and is an active alumna.

Tyler Landes, CFP®, AIF®

About Tyler Landes, CFP®, AIF®

I’m Tyler Landes, a financial planner who loves to help young professionals and their families. Our generation is very aware that we need to plan and make smart financial decisions early and often. We’ve been taught money basics along the way, but at a certain point we all need guidance. I founded Tandem Financial Guidance to make financial advice accessible to everyone because we all dream big, and we don’t have to do it alone.

There are many types of financial advisor. I’m not the kind you’ll find playing golf at the country club or charting the markets behind a mahogany desk. I’m the planner you should meet with to uncover what your goals are in the first place. When you get the new job with the new benefits package, together we’ll pick the options that are right for you. When you meet “the one,” we’ll make sure your money habits are aligned and work for you both. And when you call to say you’re expecting another child, we’ll adjust and tweak and craft new goals all together.


I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my wife and two young daughters. Molly is an accountant, so you’d think our financial life would be neat and tidy. In reality, like many couples we each handle spending decisions differently. Luckily we both value living within our means and making progress toward our future goals. In our spare time we enjoy live music, trying new restaurants, and traveling to new ballparks. I also dabble in homebrewing and am an aspiring beer snob.

Jason Preti, CFP®

About Jason Preti, CFP®

I created Unleashed Financial for the client that needs comprehensive planning and investment direction but doesn’t currently have enough assets for a “traditional” wealth management firm. Unleashed Financial does not require minimum investment, net worth or income levels. You need a plan for your current goals and long term wealth accumulation, we understand and help you meet your goals.

Scott R. Frank, CFP®, CFA

About Scott R. Frank, CFP®, CFA

I’m the founder of Stone Steps Financial, a firm created to help young professionals and families, like my own, understand their financial lives and position themselves to reach their fullest potential.  I do this job because I love it.  I truly enjoy taking complex issues and helping clients understand them.

I live in a little beach town, Cardiff by the Sea, just north of San Diego with my wife, Amanda, our son, Lucas, and our dog, Maddie.  When I’m not geeking out on financial news or white papers you’ll find me surfing with friends (Stone Steps is named for a surf break just a few minutes north of my house), running along the Pacific Coast Highway, or spending time with my family.  I strongly believe in giving back to my community and currently serve on the board at Hanna Fenichel Center for Child Development.

My mission is to help you and your family as soon as possible in order to help you avoid the financial missteps that so many others make as they receive their financial education from the school of hard knocks. I’m here to serve and guide you along your own path, towards a life of financial freedom.

I am highly trained in the fields of financial planning and investment management having earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation as well as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter in addition to nine years of experience at nationally recognized firms. I am well suited to help you and your family because I am in a similar position.  My wife, Amanda, and I are working toward our high earning years in which wealth starts to accumulate and I know first hand how important it is to set yourself, and your family, up for financial success now.

Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP®

About Cristina Guglielmetti, CFP®

I’m committed to showing young professionals how a partnership with an advisor can work for them, and how they have the tools and capability to take control of their finances. My aim is to educate, not just give advice or recommendations. Today’s new graduates and young professionals are facing a very different financial landscape from their parents – much higher student loan debt, a nonstop stream of financial news, the memory of a crisis many families haven’t quite bounced back from – and so need a different kind of advisor.

Financial planning is sometimes thought of as something you have to do yourself – because advisors are “only for the rich” – or conversely, something you give up control over because it’s so complicated you can’t possibly understand it. But I think there’s a better way – developing a relationship with someone committed to being your steward and coach as your financial life unfolds.

I’ve worked in the financial services industry since earning my bachelor’s degree in 1997, and in the investment management and financial planning industries since earning my MBA in 2005. I’ve seen the difference that applying sound financial principles can make in someone’s life, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer it to a broader range of clients.

When not helping clients, I enjoy exploring my hometown of Brooklyn, NY with my husband and son, training for half marathons, watching baseball, cooking, and trying to find time to read for fun.


Pam Horack, CFP®

About Pam Horack, CFP®

Think of me as Your Financial Mom – the planner that works with regular families. Throughout my career, it seemed that financial advisors were always looking to sell their products or manage money to retirees, business owners, or those with lots of money – no one wanted to plan and budget for everyone else. My clients look like just like regular people:


• Mom and Dad get up in the morning, get the kids off to school, work all day either at home or an office, come home, get dinner on the table, pay the bills, hope the house isn’t underwater, and have a little money in their retirement account.

• Getting married? Congrats! Now you need to combine your finances. No one needs financial planning more than two people getting married; except two people getting divorced. It’s much easier to get it right on the front side.

• You have graduated from college, moved into the real world, and started your own life. But Mom is still paying your cell phone bill and doing your laundry. You can make it on your own with some spending strategies and cash flow controls.


You will get the tools and advice needed to plan your retirement, create your budget, and save for your goals. My local and national resources can help you put together your will or review your insurance. Each client receives an easy-to-read financial plan outlining your current situation, alternatives to reach your goals, and an action plan to get you there.