Nate Baim, CFP®, MBA

Nate Baim, CFP®, MBA

My name is Nate Baim, and I’m a financial planner who enjoys helping Millennial professionals, families, and recent graduates with advanced degrees plan their pursuits. You will quickly learn I am interested in learning about your desired pursuits. I will work with you to best understand how to manage your financial responsibilities and risks within the context of your goals. My process will help us understand how each of your goals will impact your pursuit and bring clarity to your unique circumstance. Because I believe in ongoing financial planning, I place a strong focus on actionable strategies, accountability, and monitoring of your ever-evolving plan.

For a long time, I was interested in the financial planning profession. However, I was turned off by the stereotypical pushy salesmanship reputation accompanying the title “financial advisor.” So, when I chose to establish Pursuit Planning and Investments, LLC, I resolved to do it differently. I designed Pursuit Planning and Investments, LLC, to serve the interest of our clients. I take great pride in that we are an independent firm not beholden to selling products. As a Fee-Only firm we are focused on providing our best advice.

My pursuit thus far has been focused on exploration, education, and growth. After graduating from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business with a finance degree, I had a strong desire to explore and travel. I moved away from my home state, Indiana, to volunteer with AmeriCorps. Here I served to work on and led back-country trail maintenance teams. This led me to become interested in the intersection between sustainability and finance. Thus, I went back to school, and I earned an MBA at Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management, focused on sustainability management and investment finance. Before launching Pursuit Planning and Investments, LLC, I worked in Oregon’s Silicon Forest for a Fortune 500 company as a strategic financial analyst for a large semiconductor company. On my weekends, you will often find me someplace away from the city, climbing, hiking, backpacking, camping, or exploring with my wife and daughter.

Dan Rooker, CFP®, CSLP®

About Dan Rooker, CFP®, CSLP®

I realized not too long ago that early career professionals, especially healthcare providers, are under a lot of pressure to “show up” on their own, with their finances. You could imagine that many of these same individuals are also burdened with student loans. The financial planning industry doesn’t have incentive to provide qualified advice to individuals who not only haven’t had time to accumulate wealth, but also start behind everyone else when you count their debt. It’s this ‘gap’ in qualified advice that, to me, represents an opportunity to provide meaningful service.”​

With the advances made in technology in recent years, I also realized that financial planning could be easier, more affordable, and as we hope you’ll soon see, more enjoyable.

Also, your month-to-month commitment is a lot bigger than it seems. We donate a portion of all monthly revenue received to charitable organizations. Thank you!

Stephanie Trexler, CFP®

About Stephanie Trexler, CFP®

Stephanie is a CFP® professional who believes finances don’t have to be complicated. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Stephanie has a BSBA undergraduate degree with a major in personal financial planning. She is working on her master’s degree in financial planning with an emphasis on financial therapy at Kansas State University. She expects to graduate with honors in May of 2021. Stephanie is also a member of the Kappa Omicron Nu honors society at Kansas State University.

Stephanie is a board member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Michigan. During her time on the board, she has sat on the education, NexGen, mentorship, and symposium committee. Stephanie is also the current FPA of Michigan President Elect.

Stephanie believes that involvement in FPA is important because she is passionate about moving the financial planning profession forward. She works with many financial planning students across the state working to mentor them as they enter the profession. She is the host of the How We Do We Do series with the FPA. She has also completed the FPA residency program and is a regular attendee of industry conferences. She has hosted national conference speaking sessions as well.

In her free time, you can find Stephanie with her friends and family at the lake, a concert, or traveling. Stephanie values relationships and loves being around people. She enjoys entertaining and hosting, as well as decorating for nearly every holiday.

Stephanie and her husband Josh also volunteer with CASA of Kent County, helping and mentoring children in the foster care system. CASA volunteers act as a voice for the children throughout the legal process. If you think that you may be interested in volunteering, or you simply want to learn more about CASA, you can visit there website here:

Helen Ngo, CFP®

About Helen Ngo, CFP®

Helen Ngo, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, began her career at Raymond James in 2008 at a private practice in Atlanta, working with a team of advisors manage over $500MM in assets. In an effort to expand her knowledge and skills, she moved to Tampa, FL and entered Raymond James’ Financial Planning Residency Program, a rigorous 2-year curriculum designed to sharpen a financial advisor’s expertise in investment management, asset preservation, and financial planning strategies.

In 2013, Helen founded her own independent financial planning practice, Capital Benchmark Partners, LLC, to dedicate more time and focus on helping women professionals in the fields of law, consulting, and medicine to build their wealth and advance their careers. Furthermore, she specializes in business planning for women solo entrepreneurs.

Her unique style and approach to business has allowed her to expand her business to accommodate clients nationally and overseas. Helen is often featured in major financial news outlets including CNBC, Forbes, NerdWallet, CBS Money, and Investor’s Business Daily.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from Emory University and is an active alumna.