Tommy Lopez, CFP®, CRPC®

About Tommy Lopez, CFP®, CRPC®

Welcome to Coffeehouse Capital!

I’m the Founder and President of Coffeehouse Capital, an independent fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. I’ve been in the banking and Wealth Management industry since 2007, first with Bank of America, Banc of America Investments, then Merrill Lynch.

As a CFP® professional and fiduciary, I now provide comprehensive financial planning, wealth management and financial advice to a broader population.

With years of experience, my mission is to help build and manage wealth through comprehensive financial planning and education. I have experience serving busy professionals and families, current and future retirees and business owners.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM. Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM

I work with clients in person in the surrounding central California area or virtually anywhere through the use of technology.

Areas of experience include:

529 College Education Planning

Assessing and analyzing current financial and life goals

Asset allocation review, education and strategies

Cash flow and retirement planning

Creating and managing GOALs based financial plans

Creating and managing GOALs based investment portfolios

Digital asset education

Investment education

Levering and coordinating with other professionals (CPAs, EAs, Estate Planning Attorney’s, Insurance, etc.)

Loss of loved ones

Ongoing financial plan and investment monitoring

Organizing for Financial wellness

Reviewing and managing 401(k), 457 (b)s and traditional retirement plans

It all starts with a conversation, let’s connect!

Randall Avery, CFP®, CFA

About Randall Avery, CFP®, CFA

Randall Avery, CFP®, CFA is a trusted, Fee-Only, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with over 13 years of finance and accounting experience. My firm specializes in servicing those in the behavioral health profession (PsyD, LPC, LCSW, MFT, Ph.D., etc.). We understand the nuances of managing a career in this profession and the challenges of building wealth while serving different population types. You do not have to go it alone when facing financial decisions concerning:

• Student loans
• Budgeting
• Investing
• Retirement accounts (Roth, IRA, 401k, 403b, & TSP)
• Financially preparing to start or exit a practice

With the heart of a teacher, Randall Avery educates his client on the principles of financial literacy. We also delve deep into career planning to maximize the earning potential of our clients. Let our firm view your career ambitions through a financial lens.

Read Randall’s blog here:

David Hauge, CFP®, CFA®

About David Hauge, CFP®, CFA®

David started his own wealth management business for the purpose of helping others live their most fulfilling life.

He graduated from the University of Minnesota with Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Journalism, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

David is confident that with his understanding of personal finance, coupled with his experience as a financial professional, he can help you pursue your financial objectives and prepare for the future.

David lives in Saint Louis Park, MN with his wife, Blaize, and their standard poodle, Mason. After years of avid travel, they were married in 2021 and are expecting their first baby boy Hauge in December, 2022. David is a diehard sports fan and a trained Pilates instructor, given his interest in physical and mental health.

David Edmisten, CFP®

About David Edmisten, CFP®

Hi, I’m David Edmisten, CFP®. Next Phase Financial Planning works with corporate professionals who are planning to retire early, typically within the next 3 years. I can help you answer these important questions:
-Have I saved enough to retire early and not run out of money?
-Am I paying too much in taxes?
-Are my investments set up correctly for retirement?
-​​Have I made the correct plans for Social Security, my employer benefits and healthcare?

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with 16 years of experience advising clients to retire and enjoy the next phase of their life confidently. I’ve had a successful career at my previous firms, consistently recognized as a high achiever, leader and chosen to coach and develop my peers.

I’ve successfully helped corporate employees from several industries and was selected as an exclusive partner with a local energy pipeline company to help their executive team with retirement planning. I decided to start Next Phase Financial Planning so that I can use my expertise exclusively with the people that I provide the most value to – those considering an early retirement.

I am a Christian, very happily married to my amazing wife Kristy and father of 8 wonderful children. We enjoy traveling, the beach, hiking, sports, games, and serving others. I also love music, playing guitar and sharing laughter with family and friends.

Michael Allison, CFP®, CFA

About Michael Allison, CFP®, CFA

Hi! I’m Mike Allison. In 2022, I founded New Lantern Advisors, an independent, fiduciary, fee-only, longevity focused financial planning and investment management firm in order to serve clients more directly, after I retired from a 32 year career in the investment management industry.

Although we work primarily with professionals and business owners who are approaching or considering retirement, New Lantern Advisors does work with other clients who benefit from decades of investment management and comprehensive planning advice.

By using the language of investing, we are dedicated to empowering our clients to pursue their economic potential. This empowerment is enabled by the holistic alignment of one’s human capital alongside an evolved role for financial capital in our lives. We call this the Human Enterprise™.

Our top priority is helping our clients successfully navigate the pathway into retirement, as well as the life they want to live after this very important life transition. We can help you answer “What is your What’s next?

After over 30 years in the investment management industry, the last nearly 22 of them at the same Boston, MA based firm where I served as a global equity portfolio manager and Director of Equity Strategy Implementation. It is with this experience that I serve clients with an eye toward delivering solution oriented planning and investment results.

I’m a native of Ft. Worth, TX. Until recently relocating to upstate NY, I lived with my wife and two (now adult) children in the Boston, MA area for over 26 years. I’m a graduate of the University of Denver and have held the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation since 1996. I enjoy good food at our favorite restaurants, long walks with my wife, and on occasion babysitting my two “grand-dogs”, Honey and Winston.

Steven Gilbert, CFP®, RICP

About Steven Gilbert, CFP®, RICP, APMA

Steven Gilbert founded Gilbert Wealth LLC in 2021 to create a company that is focused on creating long-term relationships with clients through providing deep financial planning expertise along with investment management advice founded in time-tested strategies.

Gilbert Wealth serves clients in all walks of life whether it’s saving for college, transitioning to a new career, preparing for normal or early retirement, or addressing your insurance needs.

Steven Gilbert is passionate about continuing education to provide strategies to his clients that address the ever-changing environment. The practice is a tax-centric practice and delves into many strategies to reduce taxes over a lifetime.

Anika Hedstrom, CFP®, MBA

About Anika Hedstrom, CFP®, MBA

As co-founder of Uplevel Wealth, I create thoughtful financial plans that help families design and lead intentional lives.

I’m committed to my work. Here’s why.

Once upon a time, I worked alongside exceptionally bright, accomplished professionals on investment trading floors and as an expat in SE Asia.

I was surprised to learn how few of these professionals had a vision for their own financial lives.

This dichotomy stuck with me.

Fast forward several years. I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, served accomplished professionals at a boutique wealth management firm, shared advice on how to make better money moves with NerdWallet, and went on to lead financial planning for clients at a large registered investment advisory firm.

I co-founded Uplevel Wealth to help professionals at the top of their game level-up, build wealth, and create plans for their possibilities.

When I’m not perfecting financial plans, you can find me downhill skiing, whitewater rafting, enjoying a glass of good Oregon pinot, or chasing after my young twins as they head in opposite directions.

Jordan Patrick, CFP®

About Jordan Patrick, CFP®

We all don’t have millions of dollars—but we all have goals.

Commas is a financial advisory that provides fee-only service to the EveryInvestor: those who might not fit the standards set by traditional high-net-worth advisories but still deserve personalized financial guidance to meet their goals. We offer services with no account minimums, working with our clients at every step of the process and empowering them to create, plan, and achieve their desired money goals.

Alvin Carlos, CFP®, CFA

About Alvin Carlos, CFP®, CFA

I’m the founder of District Capital Management, an independent, fee-only financial planning firm. We help 30s and 40s professionals and entrepreneurs elevate their finances and maximize their money. We are a virtual firm based in Washington, D.C and we work with people nationwide.

We believe money is a tool to help you live your best life. Everyone should have access to high-quality financial advice; not just retired folks or the ultra-rich. We can give top-notch advice on your cash, investments (401k, IRA, brokerage), taxes, retirement, insurance, house buying decisions, debt, college savings, and estate planning.

Three traits that make us unique:
1) Strong investment team
2) Majority of our clients are minorities
3) Strong credentials.

We have 2 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, one Accredited Financial Counselor®, and two CFA charterholders in our team. We are fiduciary financial advisors meaning we have an obligation to act in your best interest. We will meet you where you are and help align your money with your values.

We enjoy working with clients who:
– Have a dream,
– Highly motivated and engaged, and
– Generous with their time, talent or treasure.

If you’re trying to make this world a better place, we want to partner with you by elevating your finances.

Want a comparison of the top 10 best financial planners in DC? We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Read our blog.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call to see if District Capital is a good fit for you.

More about me: I have an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins. I am the recipient of the 2018 Financial Planning Association Diversity Scholarship, for promoting diversity within our firm and for serving diverse clients. I currently volunteer as Treasurer for the Lutheran Social Services, a non-profit that helps refugees & immigrants in the U.S. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, swing dancing (pre-pandemic), and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Paul Sydlansky, CFP®, MBA

About Paul Sydlansky, CFP®, MBA

As a parent, you’re no stranger to multitasking. You want to make the most of family life now with the travel and experiences you enjoy, without falling behind on preparing for your children’s future. Planning activities, saving for college and retirement, and making sure your finances reach their full potential takes careful planning and attention.

Whether you’re feeling confident, confused, or overwhelmed about your financial plan, there’s always a good reason to work with a financial planner.

When you work with the team at Lake Road Advisors, you’ll get an ongoing, unbiased partnership to help you make financial decisions with confidence and gain greater peace of mind.

When you meet with one of our financial planners, we’ll get to know you and understand your financial life. Then, depending on your goals, we’ll help you:

Build a complete, well organized understanding of your financial situation

Understand where your money is going and align spending to achieve your goals

Invest your money wisely, understand risks, and build wealth over time

Invest in your children’s future, including their education

Map out a realistic and achievable plan for your current goals and retirement

Follow proven methods to stay on target, with experts by your side every step of the way

There’s no such thing as one “perfect” financial solution. You need a plan shaped to fit your strengths and put you on track for your goals. Our role is to understand your priorities, provide you with the tools and education to build a clear plan together, and support you as new questions and life changes arise along the way

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