Laura Rotter, CFA, CFP®

About Laura Rotter, CFA, CFP®

Laura I. Rotter, CFA, CFP is the founder of True Abundance Advisors, a fee-only financial life planning firm. Laura runs a unique firm built on the belief that true abundance comes when we create meaning with our money. Her meetings are a safe space for her clients to explore what they value and what gives them a sense of meaning and purpose. Together, they develop and implement a plan that broadens the concept of “investing” beyond financial assets to another scarce resource: time.

Laura had a successful career on Wall Street, managing money for institutional investors, including Citicorp and Para Advisors. Her definition of abundance shifted, and she realized that she was using her life to make money, rather than using her money to make a life. She is drawn to work with others navigating a big life transition, and who are seeking purpose in their lives.

Brian Face, CFP®, CRPC®

About Brian Face, CFP®, CRPC®

I believe my strength and focus in finance comes from being a devoted husband and father, as well as, a proud Western Michigan University Alumni. I grew up in the Kalamazoo area and now live with my family in Portage, MI. I love watching college football, playing hockey, and giving to the community.

I founded Face 2 Face on a vision that started when I was a young teenager. My father used to take me to factories so I could watch him give financial education seminars to factory workers about their 401k options. That experience and my years of working for a large firm set my vision for wanting a firm that had no minimum asset levels. This gives me the ability to work with clients that want conflict-free advice on topics ranging from college planning to their 401k and all the way up to their retirement. I wanted to make a firm that was different. That’s why I built a firm to serve not only those who are retired but also the 30, 40 and 50-year-olds who want help along the way. I saw from working at larger firms that clients would come to me at retirement and they would have the money that they have, which may or may not have been enough. I felt that if I could help them earlier to make small changes, their future retirement would be in a much better place. This is why I offer different options, from hourly planning to full comprehensive financial planning.

Charles Ho, CFP®

About Charles Ho, CFP®

I was born in Taiwan, but moved to California when I was 3. I grew up in Silicon Valley, but never saw myself forging a career in tech. I eventually pursued vocational (full-time) ministry, and majored in Pastoral Ministry in college. After I graduated though, I felt I needed to enter the “corporate” work field to be able to relate to people and get a first-hand understanding of how the world worked. I started working in the financial services industry, and have been here ever since!

Working in the financial world, especially in San Francisco, was extremely rewarding but also extremely challenging. The part of me which aspired to serve people and minister to people continued to yearn for more. After 10 years in the corporate environment, I decided it was finally time to blaze my own trail, one that enabled me to fully serve my clients and help people who needed financial help.

I started Legacy Builders Financial to help other families not only articulate what they want their legacy to be, but also to hold their hand as they set forth to create it. I am a fee-only registered investment advisor, and my main goal is to be able to help clients achieve their goals and build their legacy, one step at a time. No commissions, no upselling, no fluff!

Outside of work, I am married with three young children. I love exploring the world through their eyes, whether it be camping, swimming, or the world of video games! I live in the small community of Folsom, and dream of one day selling my home and traveling the country in an RV, although nobody else is on board with that… yet. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I’d love to hear yours!

Dave Rowan, CFP®, MBA

About Dave Rowan, CFP®, MBA

Hi! I’m Dave Rowan, CFP®, MBA. I am a Fee-Only financial planner and real estate investor. My team helps professionals, real estate investors and entrepreneurs grow, organize and protect their wealth. And, ultimately, we love being a part of your team that enables you to continue to pursue your dreams of full-time entrepreneurship, real estate investing or financial freedom and create the life you were meant to lead!

I am especially passionate about helping professionals transition from a day job to full-time entrepreneurship. I founded Rowan Financial in 2011 as a side-hustle while continuing to work a full-time corporate job for the next six years. Through lots of hard work, a mix of traditional and real estate investments, and support from family and friends, I left my day job in 2017 and now love helping fellow entrepreneurs and real estate investors to successfully navigate this transition as well.

As a Fee-Only fiduciary firm, we work for you, not for Wall Street. That’s why our fees are inclusive and transparent.

Our clients are:
– Professionals considering a real estate or other side hustle to transition out of a day job
— People who want a Fee-Only advisor to help them invest in the stock market AND real estate
— Busy professionals looking to start with a more passive approach to real estate investment
— Real estate investors looking for coaching on real estate partnership formation or private lending.
— Rental property investors looking for a Fee-Only, comprehensive financial plan
— People with inherited rental property, looking for unbiased advice on what to do.

Fee-Only specifically means:
– We do not accept commissions or kickbacks from anyone for anything. Our advice is always unbiased.
— All fees are easy to understand. You pay us a flat monthly fee or a fee based on the assets we’re managing on your behalf. No hidden surprises!
— We hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard and always put your interests ahead of our own.

We help people virtually nationwide and in person in the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. Interested in learning more? Book a Get Acquainted Call today.

Julie Ford, CFP®, CPA

About Julie Ford, CFP®, CPA

As a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a decade of experience in the financial planning industry, Julie has helped hundreds of clients across the country to wisely manage their money. She specializes in serving city-dwelling couples, ranging from young professionals building wealth to parents of college-bound children, as they navigate the many transitional seasons that occur during these years of building a family.

Julie founded Ford Financial Solutions in 2015 to bring financial health to the complex lives of urban professionals across the spectrum of wealth. She prioritizes empowering her clients with the tools to create order in their financial world and reduce stress around money so that their finances can fuel — rather than impede — their goals and dreams.

In addition to serving clients, Julie promotes financial literacy through Ford Financial’s online courses, her personal finance blog Fiscal Therapy (named one of the Top 30 New York Finance Blogs by Feedspot), and by frequently providing insights to the media on a range of personal finance topics.

Julie is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in the State of New York and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and XY Planning Network. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Master of Science degree, both in Accountancy. Prior to founding Ford Financial Solutions, Julie worked at two financial planning firms in New York City and as an auditor at Ernst & Young.

Julie and her husband Tony live with their two boys in New York City. They love the city and are embracing the adventure of raising urban kids.