Scott Vance, CFP®, EA

About Scott Vance, CFP®, EA

I served in the Army for 22 years before retiring and pursuing a career in financial advising. As someone who has transitioned from the military to civilian life, I have personally worked through many military financial questions such as Thrift Savings plan questions, Military Retirement benefits, VA disability benefits, taxes on military retirement and survivor benefit plan. This experience inspired me to help people just like you navigate your way to a successful military retirement and financial life.

My specialty in taxes enables me to uncover military-specific savings that often go overlooked. As a fee-only, independent advisor, I pride myself on simplifying your life, not adding to it.

Paul Carriere, CFP®, AAMS

About Paul Carriere, CFP®, AAMS

I help mid to late career professionals take control of their financial situation with clear, confident decisions. Whether you are looking for a way make more money or want less stress in your life finance is an important part that can impact both aspects – so I work closely with my clients developing personalized investment strategies based on what they need most at this stage in life.

I am here because: 1) You deserve impeccable service 2) My mission as CFP® professional means providing unparalleled value while improving YOUR well-being 3). The results? Clarity and confidence knowing YOU have taken proper steps financially.

Steven Gilbert, CFP®, RICP

About Steven Gilbert, CFP®, RICP, APMA

Steven Gilbert founded Gilbert Wealth LLC in 2021 to create a company that is focused on creating long-term relationships with clients through providing deep financial planning expertise along with investment management advice founded in time-tested strategies.

Gilbert Wealth serves clients in all walks of life whether it’s saving for college, transitioning to a new career, preparing for normal or early retirement, or addressing your insurance needs.

Steven Gilbert is passionate about continuing education to provide strategies to his clients that address the ever-changing environment. The practice is a tax-centric practice and delves into many strategies to reduce taxes over a lifetime.

Eddie Liang, CFP®

About Eddie Liang, CFP®

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and bring 17 years of experience in wealth management working with business owners and C-suite executives at Merrill Lynch and First Republic Bank. My experience and observations of industry practices led me to co-found Downshift Financial with my partner, Travis Hughes, to raise the bar on financial advice, to remove the bar on account balance requirements, and to keep a lid on fees.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Russian from Pomona College. When I’m not with my wife, two kids and dog, I may be found improving my return of serve at the tennis courts, reading about personal finance, or playing board games with friends.

Paul Cipriano, CFP®, MBA

About Paul Cipriano, CFP®, MBA

I’m Paul Cipriano, the founder of Cipriano Wealth Management.

I worked on the trading desks at several large global investment banks for over 20 years where I was responsible for advising hedge funds and asset managers on portfolio management, investment strategy and market risk. I combine that experience with my training as a CFP® professional to help middle- and high-income families from working class backgrounds achieve their personal financial goals.

I decided to launch Cipriano Wealth Management as a fee-only, independent registered investment advisor to eliminate the inherent conflicts of interest that investors are often forced to accept when engaging with a financial advisor. We offer comprehensive financial planning under a flat fee structure.
We also combine financial planning with ongoing investment management services and charge fees based on the value of the assets managed (AUM).

We prioritize the development of your unique comprehensive financial plan as the foundation of our relationship. We are not singularly focused on gathering assets and refrain from managing investment portfolios unless we have worked with our clients to develop a strategic plan for their assets.

Would you like to connect? Book a 20 Minute Intro call on my online calendar at

Lance Elrod, CFP®

About Lance Elrod, CFP®

I am Lance Elrod – co-owner of Next Step Financial Transitions. I believe that most financial planning concepts have become overcomplicated; my goal is to declassify these concepts into conversational terms and educate you enough so that you understand and feel comfortable with any decision you make. We founded our firm with a focus on helping families navigate financial transitions, no matter the stage of life.

Most traditional advisors like to focus solely on your investments, we do things a little differently by taking a holistic approach to financial planning. This means the first thing we do is get to know you – your values, your goals, and your personality. It is not until we fully know you as an individual or family that we can begin to build out your financial plan to serve as a roadmap for your future, because you can’t take your next step until you know where you are going.

I hold a BS in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University and am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. Like many new graduates, I began the early part of my career trying to discover my place and passion within my industry. During that time, I worked short stints with United Capital Private Wealth Counseling, which now comes under Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management Umbrella, and May and Barnhard, P.C., which recently changed their name to Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C… Although I enjoyed financial planning, I felt compelled to take a brief detour as a Mud Engineer because Oil & Gas is what you do when you move to Houston, right?

In 2015 I rejoined the industry, where I dug into my career and recognized my desire to serve individuals and families in the under-served, early stage of life.

Read Lance’s blog here:

Donita Baze, CFP®

About Donita Baze, CFP®

DeeDee Baze, CFP® loves helping highly successful, very passionate people use their money in a way to express their deepest held ideals and values to honor their soul. She is an expert in Financial Planning who has worked with thousands of households since entering the business in 2007. She offers a unique approach by combining Soul-Based Financial Planning and Sustainable Investing to help people honor who they truly are.

When asked the best way to describe herself, she said, “I have the heart of a kindergarten teacher, the sense of humor of a middle school teacher, but the credentials of a stock broker.”

DeeDee received her undergraduate degree in Education from Oklahoma State University as well as completed post graduate work in the area of Psychology. She spent a decade and a half teaching in the public school system. First as Elementary Science Teacher then moved to Middle School Mathematics for the majority of her career. After leaving the classroom she obtained multiple insurance licenses such as life, health, disability and property/casualty. Working in the insurance industry for several years she learned a lot but found her true passion in securities and financial planning after meeting woman, Trish Prawl, who would become her mentor and role model. She completed post graduate courses at the College for Financial Planning in preparation to pass her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Exam which she passed on the first attempt. She is a life long learner who loves to read. She usually is reading three different books at a time, one for professional growth, one for personal growth, and one for health. She will often write reviews for the authors she reads. She will occasionally throw in a fantasy novel to mix things up.

The pandemic in 2020 was the catalyst for her to reexamine her life and what truly made her happy. She was working at a credit union at the time with over 650 clients in her book of business. She felt her life was out of balance. She commuted an hour, worked 8 hours, commuted an hour home then would work into the evening on financial plans. Went to bed, to do it again the next day. She was becoming exhausted and felt she had way too many clients to give them the care they truly needed. So she took a leap of faith and started her own firm with the intent of not having more than 100 clients total.

By starting her own firm she was also able to align her own deepest values and work on doing what she could to lower her carbon footprint and honor who she truly was. She struggled working in a predominantly man’s world feeling like a bit of an outsider so when she left she realized it was the best decision she could have made in her career. She brings a softer more compassionate touch to financial planning and investing. She believes in aligning your inner self with your money. She believes in contributing to the greater good. All these things she was able to weave into her practice and now only works with clients who want the same thing for themselves.

After studying under the amazing Bill and Anne Bachrach for Values Based Financial Planning(tm), she decided to take their philosophy deeper and look at honoring one’s soul while planning for one’s financial future. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Soul-Based Financial Planning which will include a workbook and DIY course as well.

Mary Thompson, CFP®

About Mary Thompson, CFP®

Mary is the founder of ReFrame Financial Planning, a fee-only Financial Planning and Advisory firm in Howard County. Mary started ReFrame Financial Planning to help individuals build financial and purpose-driven transition plans for retirement. Mary specializes in guiding clients through the next chapter of their lives by balancing their financial and personal goals in a way that’s aligned with their values, passions and purpose.

Prior to starting ReFrame Financial Planning, Mary worked for 10 years for FAI Wealth Management, a fee-only investment advisory firm in Columbia, MD. She was a Senior Advisor and Partner working with clients to develop and implement investment and financial planning strategies based on the client’s values, needs and goals. She was also member of the FAI Investment Committee. Additionally, Mary was responsible for developing, refining and implementing processes and procedures that streamlined the advisory offering, ensuring a consistent and collaborative client experience. Mary was also responsible for managing, mentoring and coaching the associate advisory staff.

Mary started her career in the IT field, working for Putnam Investments for over 10 years. Mary was an Assistant Vice President responsible for the management of IT operations at the main headquarters in Boston and two international offices. She was the client services liaison between the Investment Management group and the IT division responsible for managing business partners’ expectations for the implementation and delivery of new IT initiatives.

Mary received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with minors in Business and Computer Science from the University at Albany, SUNY. She holds the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM certification. Mary is also a graduate of the Leadership Howard County, Premier Class of 2015.

Mary lives in Ellicott City, MD with her husband and two children. She is active in her community where she volunteers regularly.

Check out Mary’s blog here:

Adrienne Ross, CFP®, ChFC®

About Adrienne Ross, CFP®, ChFC®, AFC®

Are you a fellow GenXer who feels like you missed the boat on retirement planning? Are you trying to launch your kids, care for your parents and plan for retirement, all while trying to live well today? I am here to help you stress less about your money and live more.

Financial planning is the key to financial security. Financial security is the key to freedom; the freedom to change jobs or launch a new business; the freedom to move to a new neighborhood; the freedom to live life on your terms. I can guide you on your journey to financial freedom, security, and peace.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. As a military spouse, I learned to be adaptable, agile, and tenacious. My own financial journey started when it was suddenly up to me to plan for my family’s financial future while my husband was frequently deployed. Over the past ten years, I have helped countless military service members, law enforcement officers, and a whole lot of GenXers navigate life transitions, career changes, relocations, and retirements.

As a Financial Planner, I get to make the world a better place, one family, one person at a time. I am a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional, Chartered Financial Consultant™ and Accredited Financial Counselor®. I started Clear Insight Financial Planning so that I could help more families achieve financial security and freedom. True to my counseling roots, I want to collaborate with you to help you find your path.

If you are ready to worry less and live more, schedule a free consultation, call 509-904-4956 or email uryyb@zlpvsc.pbz.

Thatcher Taylor, CFP®, MBA

About Thatcher Taylor, CFP®, MBA

It is vital to develop a plan based on your values, needs, and goals. Investing should be more than picking stocks and bonds. It needs to be strategic and built to achieve current and future goals. This is important because financial planning and investing is something that takes time and preparation.

ProPath Financial’s owner, Thatcher Taylor, started in the advice industry in 2009. Thatcher holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, a BS in Business Management from Southern Utah University, and an MBA from Grand Canyon University. The 10 years of experience working with clients from first time investors to ultra-high net worth retirees gives Thatcher a wide lens to evaluate each client properly.

Our service is structured to establish the proper relationship, gather all of the relevant data, analyze the data, develop and present any recommendations, implement the changes, then most importantly, monitor and evaluate regularly and over long periods of time. This process all happens with feedback and inclusion with the clients.

All services start with a personal conversation and a complimentary introductory meeting. Pricing is flexible and fee-only, so we can structure things so you get the advice you need.

Visit our website to learn more. From there you can also request a complimentary consultation. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.