Michael Johnson, CFP®, J.D.

About Michael Johnson, CFP®, J.D.

Michael is a visionary for our clients and our firm. One of his greatest talents involves diving into the unique and complex planning issues our clients face. His strong desire to help others, combined with his analytical nature and extensive experience, allow him to guide our clients comfortably along their financial paths in life.

Michael has worked in the financial and investment industry in Lincoln since 2001. Prior to becoming an advisor, Michael worked as Director of Compliance and Corporate Counsel for a Nebraska based broker-dealer.

Michael grew up in Hastings, NE and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Juris Doctor degree from the UNL College of Law. Prior to his investment career, he practiced law in Omaha and Lincoln, focusing on the areas of estate planning, real estate development, and corporate law.

Michael is a member of the Nebraska Bar Association, Lincoln Estate Planning Council, and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. He also donates his time and resources to numerous local non-profit organizations.

Michael and his wife, Jill, are the parents of Sam, Sophie and their Labrador, Rocky. Michael enjoys reading, playing golf, hiking in Colorado, spending time with his family, and coaching his children’s sporting events. He would like to climb at least one 14’er in Colorado in the next 5 years, attend the Master’s golf tournament, and travel to Scotland and Ireland.

Dan Miller, CFP®

About Dan Miller, CFP®

With over 16 years of financial planning experience, Dan is dedicated to his clients’ retirement success. Whether helping individuals, families, or small-to-medium size institutions, he works to be an integral part of each client’s journey. He specializes in retirement investment management and holistic financial planning.

Kelly Ennis, CFP®

About Kelly Ennis, CFP®, ChFC

I am Kelly Ennis, founder of Infinity Financial Strategies, LLC, a fee-only registered investment adviser working with clients locally in southern New England and virtually throughout the United States. I have more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and I am passionate about helping others to understand and use financial strategies to improve their lives.

I started Infinity Financial Strategies to work with clients who need financial advice that covers their entire financial situation including their retirement plans, employment benefits and other areas that are often overlooked. My mission is to help clients view money as a tool used to achieve their goals rather than being the end goal itself and then to teach clients how to best use that tool.

When I’m not working directly with clients I work with students teaching financial literacy and leadership skills. When I am not helping people pursue their financial goals I can be found gardening or hanging out with my husband and teenage sons.

If you are ready to commit to designing your ideal financial future contact me to learn how we can work together.

Eric Maldonado, CFP®, MBA

About Eric Maldonado, CFP®, MBA

Eric Maldonado, CFP®, MBA, a Fee-Only Financial Planner, is located in San Luis Obispo, CA serving clients both locally and virtually across the US. Aquila Wealth Advisors provides financial planning to help business owners and families build, manage, and protect their assets throughout all seasons of life. Eric Maldonado is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional.

We have a specialty in serving business owners in their first 5 years of business. We help you maximize your income and revenue while aligning finances with your values and goals. We work with you in coordination with your tax, legal and insurance professional to customize and implement a plan unique to you, your family, and your business.

Jeff Brainard, CFP®, CFS

About Jeff Brainard, CFP®, CFS

A native of the Denver area, Jeff has been married to his wife, Christa, for 17 years. They have three beautiful children, two boys and a girl, who spend the majority of their days keeping themselves (and their parents) quite busy and constantly on the move with sports and dance.

He has volunteered as a coach in the South Jeffco Sports Association since 2009 as both a head coach and an assistant coach for baseball, basketball, and football. When not coaching sports, there is a good chance that he’s attending a ballet recital or performance for the Littleton Youth Ballet to watch his daughter.

Jeff is a staunch believer in using ETFs and low-cost index funds for client investments. He also believes in the fiduciary standard and that everyone needs a professionally written financial plan to help achieve their goals. He subscribes to the notion that the majority of financial problems can be solved by saving more money and spending less of it…most of the other things will require some help from a professional.

Michael Gross, CFP®, CPA

About Michael Gross, CFP®, CPA, MST

I founded Rising Tides Financial to help career driven professionals secure their financial future. I dedicated myself to the financial planning profession because I felt a responsibility to my family to protect our nest egg and invest it at a reasonable rate of return. I pursued several advisors whom I felt didn’t have my best interests in mind, so I leveraged my extensive background as a CPA and Consultant to become a Certified Financial Planner™ and provide this invaluable service to others. Like my clients, I lead a full, active life. I live just outside of Boston with my wife and two teenage sons. I have a tremendous passion for finance and investing and place immense value in diligence and consistency. I enjoy running, yoga, Crossfit, recreational ice-hockey, and live music. I’ve passed my love of blues guitar along to my sons, who even let me jam with them every now and then.

David Rae, CFP®, AIF

About David Rae, CFP®, AIF

David Rae, Certified Financial Planner®, Accredited Investment Fiduciary® and Wealth Manager of DRM Wealth Management, positions his clients for prosperity.

“Once you get your financial house in order,” he says, “It’s a lot easier for everything else¬–personal life, professional life, family life and recreational life–to fall into place too.”

Working with a wide diversity of clients for well over a decade, he has built a successful career developing comprehensive financial plans to meet life goals, retirement, tax planning, estate issues, portfolio revision, life insurance, portfolio management, business exit strategies and more. While based in Los Angeles, he serves clients across the country. At the same time, he enjoys a solid reputation as a smart, go-to financial guy for both mainstream and LGBT print, broadcast and online media.

Early days
David grew up Irvine, California. His father Mike Rae retired from a career as an NFL quarterback (USC, Raiders, Redskins, Buccaneers) while he was still in elementary school. This gave him a front row seat to retirement planning and money manners early on. His mother, Terri, was something of a financial genius who ran a tight ship, planned carefully, got the most bang for the buck and successfully avoided the financial traps that often snare former athletes and their families.

At the University of Redlands, David majored in Business and Musical Theatre, earning full-ride scholarships in both disciplines. A year studying abroad in Vienna, Austria – in addition to consistent and considerable amounts of world travel that he keeps up to this day – engendered a dimensional world view about peoples and cultures.

Life in finance
Financial planning has proven an excellent fit for fully engages David’s considerable math, social and communication skills. He began at Trilogy in 2003 as a Financial Advisor and hit the ground running. After completing the CFP’s rigorous two-year preparation program, in 2006 he passed the two-day CFP exam (the financial industry’s equivalent of the bar exam) with flying colors, earning him his professional certification. He achieved his Accredited Investment Fiduciary certification in 2015.

In addition to building his own business, David has always been active in helping others build their businesses as well. In 2004, he founded the Beverly Hills Breakfast Club chapter of BNI, an international networking group, which has grown today into the largest and wealthiest chapter in Southern California.

“There’s a significant lack of financial literacy in the general population,” David reports, “Even among those who are very bright. This may be related to being phobic about math since so much about money is really about math too. My function is to translate what may seem to be overwhelming and confusing concepts and programs into something clear, understandable and attainable. Essentially it’s pretty simple. You have a dream or life goal? Great, let’s sit down together, plan a workable strategy on how to finance it and make it a reality.”

Media Matters
David was named one of the “100 Most Influential Financial Advisors” for 2017 by Investopedia. He blogs weekly on financial issues for The Huffington Post where he is noted for his trenchant observations and spot-on wit. He is also a regular contributor to The Advocate Magazine and Investopedia blogs.

Personal Life
David has completed the 545 mile Aids Lifecycle bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles for seven years in a row becoming not only a top fundraiser personally but heading a team that raised over a million dollars for the organization. A longtime and enthusiastic resident of West Hollywood, he lives with his husband Ryne Meadors and their two chihuahuas.

Kelly Luethje, CFP®, MBA

About Kelly Luethje, CFP®, MBA

I can’t wait to connect with you and I’m so glad you’ve found me. I’m Kelly – your personal tailor for your personal finances and the founder of Willow Planning Group. I’m a fiduciary, fee-only CERTIFIED FINANICAL PLANNER™ profressional. I’m independent, unaffiliated from any broker or dealer, and I don’t take commission on any referrals or on products I recommend.

I’m here to help you feel empowered about your money – especially if looking at all the numbers causes you stress. I like getting down to what you REALLY want to do in your life and then helping you make it happen.

About Willow Planning Group

We are a virtual financial planning practice providing financial education and guidance to those who live life on their terms. We help you set financial goals and make smart decisions with your money so that you can experience life’s adventures. We will be with you as you build your career, grow your family, and travel the world. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and we are committed to being your partner from the early stages and helping you create the life you want. For more information about working together, visit us at www.willowplanningroup.com.

Read Kelly’s blog here: https://www.willowplanninggroup.com/blog/