Christopher Steward, CFP®, CFA

About Christopher Steward, CFP®, CFA, RICP

Chris grew up working alongside his father, uncles, and cousins in their family-owned manufacturing business in Michigan. This familial proximity provided Chris with a unique perspective on hard work and sacrifice, while exposing him to the challenges and opportunities that often occur with closely-held family-owned businesses.

A self-professed financial theory geek, Chris has a strange need to prove out financial models for himself in an Excel spreadsheet before accepting them as gospel. This passion for knowledge started with an economics degree from Vassar College, followed by a Master’s in Economics from Cambridge University in England. Chris then went on to serve as an adjunct professor at the Brandeis Graduate School of International Economics and Finance.

Chris spent much of his professional career leveraging his knowledge, experience, and insight for the betterment of large institutions. He authored several chapters in “The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities,” including one that was selected for the Chartered Financial Analyst Level III curriculum. Professionally, he has served as an institutional portfolio manager with Fidelity as well as a portfolio advisor with Wellington Management, Putnam Investments, and Zurich Scudder Investments.

With Chris, our clients are receiving world class portfolio management, critical thinking, and problem-solving strategies. Through his decades of institutional investment experience, Chris has gained valuable insight that he is now bringing to his individual clients at Impact Advisors Group.

In his personal life, Chris is an avid pilot. He frequently flies for Above the Clouds, a nonprofit organization that provides flight experiences for underprivileged or sick children, and for Pilot AirLift Services, a nonprofit that provides non-emergency medical transportation. When he is not airborne, his feet are firmly planted in his wine cellar collecting single malt scotch and fine wine.

Bob DePasquale, CFP®, CAP®

About Bob DePasquale, CFP®, CAP®, CKA®

Financial management should be a collaborative process where a team of people shares one vision and works together to make the best decision for each situation.

We all have a unique set of gifts, talents, and possessions. It is our responsibility to steward them the best we can. I love partnering with purpose-driven families to execute their unique financial and legacy management system.

Initiate Impact seeks partnerships with families who care deeply about what they have and how they can make a positive impact in the world. The organization was founded by my business partner, Stacee Jacobs, and me after we spent a combined 27 years working in an alternate financial services business model.

Stacee and I spent many years working with people from various walks of life and noticed that every situation is unique. There was never any one product or service that fit every scenario. The one constant was that each situation required a lot of information gathering, research, comparisons, expertise in different areas, and decision making. We realized this because there were always multiple investment options, policies to choose from, contracts to decipher, elections to make, and other critical choices. We determined that advice was valuable. But what was most important, was a collaborative effort where everyone worked together and there was one central plan.

Partnering with Initiate Impact is a detailed, yet enjoyable process. We serve families on an ongoing basis making sure we are well-prepared for expected changes and nimble enough for those that are unexpected. I feel that this approach helps us be the best we can be and provides a fulfillment our previous role could not.

I live with my loving wife, Trisha (2007), and our cat, Kobe in Weston, FL. Trisha teaches kindergarten and enjoy exercising and traveling together.

Craig Toberman, CFP®, CPA

About Craig Toberman, CFP®, CPA


Thank you for visiting. We value the opportunity to plan your future, invest with your confidence, reduce your taxes, and extend your legacy. Yet, our mission is deeper.

We believe wealth is a tool for remarkable good when managed with 1) clarity, 2) organization, and 3) communication. Wealth has a powerful ability to shape the values of your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, but it can also come between them if even one of these factors is missing.

We are here to walk with you for generations. From our family to yours, let’s create a plan to grow your wealth and bring your family closer in the process.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or email any time.


Brooklyn Brock, CFP®, CEPA®

About Brooklyn Brock, CFP®, CEPA®, ChFC®, CKA®

Financial Advisors rarely plan for themselves, like they do for their clients. If something were to happen, the clients might lose their Advisor, the business is likely to collapse, and the Advisor’s family is at risk of losing everything. Ellevate Advisors provides financial planning and business transition consulting for Financial Advisors so that when they sit down to dinner with their family, they can relax because they know that they’ve secured their family’s future and created a business that lasts.

I started in the financial services industry with my family’s Ameriprise practice. After passing the Series 7, 66, and OK Insurance exams, I worked as an Associate Advisor for several years, supporting several hundred client relationships, servicing 1-2 dozen retirement plans, and assisting with several business transitions with a client retention rate of over 95%.

As a 3rd generation CFP, I wanted to challenge myself with new experiences and left the family firm to provide professional paraplanning for fee-only advisors, while I obtained the credentials of CFP®, CEPA®, ChFC®, and CKA®. I served on the Tulsa Board of the Financial Planning Association, including one term as President. I started the FPA NexGen Tulsa group to support younger advisors.

One of the reasons my husband and I started Ellevate is because Financial Advisors deserve to retire too. What does retirement mean to you, your family, and your business? Let’s figure it out together!

Dan Mahoney, CFP®

About Dan Mahoney, CFP®

After more than 15 years in the financial services industry, I know that high-quality, individualized financial advice, delivered by an expert, can meaningfully improve most families’ lives. Unfortunately, this level of service has historically been restricted to only the wealthiest families. I built True Square Financial around the idea that technology now makes it possible to deliver highly customized financial advice to a larger number of families at a reasonable cost.

We are fortunate to live at a time where software has reduced the cost of implementing simple investment strategies to almost zero. By automating activities that can be automated, technology lets me focus my efforts on activities that cannot be automated, like complex tax planning, risk assessment, and evaluating employer sponsored plans. Most importantly, I can take time to listen to you and understand the nuances in your goals, needs, and challenges that don’t lend themselves to multiple choice drop-down menus.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. I am also the proud father of triplets (two girls and a boy) who started kindergarten in 2016. When I’m not wrangling children or nerding out on personal finance and investments, I can be found playing squash, smoking meat on the Big Green Egg, or doing something outdoors. My wife, Tucker, is a coastal engineer at FEMA who helps coastal communities assess and mitigate the risk of flooding.

I earned an A.B. in economics from Dartmouth College and an M.B.A. from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.