Alejandro Haas, CFP®, CIMA®

About Alejandro Haas, CFP®, CIMA®

My name is Alex and I advise executives of publicly-traded and VC-backed companies with equity compensation (RS/RSU, SOP, ESPP), business owners and retirement plan sponsors providing expert, objective financial planning and advisory services.

As your financial advocate, we help you navigate the increasing complexity of the financial markets and regulations with a customized strategy, tracking your progress and making adjustments as your needs and goals change.

I have 20+ years of experience in the financial industry and held roles in trading, product distribution, private banking, and wealth management. I graduated with a business degree from the Eller College of Management at The University of Arizona and also am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant and Certified Investment Management Analyst® designee.

My office is located in midtown Phoenix, AZ and I work with clients in-person and virtually across Arizona.

Marcus Blanchard, CFP®, WCMP

About Marcus Blanchard, CFP®, WCMP, ChFC

Hi, I’m Marcus Blanchard, Founder of Focal Point Financial Planning.

I first became interested in finance as my initial enlistment in the United States Marine Corps was drawing to a close. I couldn’t help but notice the drastic differences in how people viewed money and how they used it. Upon exiting military service with an Honorable Discharge and two deployments (1st to southern Helmand Province, Afghanistan – 2nd to Okinawa & Phillippines), I began my studies for a Bachelor’s degree in Personal Financial Planning.

After graduation, I also earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Wealth Management Certified Professional (WMCP®), & Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) designations to further my understanding of financial planning and tax-efficient investments. I love learning different ways to help clients, which is why I say that “I’m a nerd in your corner!”

I have worked for both large and small financial firms and after a while, decided I needed to serve clients at a higher level, my way. In my eyes, the complex issues business owners deal with & the tax implications of retiring were not being adequately addressed. With the support of my lovely wife Katie, I founded Focal Point Financial Planning, LLC. Now I can better serve clients by looking where other advisors won’t, creating custom tax-saving strategies and financial plans, maintaining focus on how you want to live your life.

I am excited to work together and help you live life on your terms.

Read Marcus’ blog here:

Brandon Jordan, CFP®, MSA

About Brandon Jordan, CFP®, MSA, ChFC®, CEPA®, CVGA®, CLU®

If you spend any time with Brandon, you will likely hear him say, “I believe that God put me on this earth to serve business owners & entrepreneurs.” Operating under a conviction that small businesses drive our economy, he brings passion and dedication to helping people be the best version of themselves and to run their businesses at the highest possible level. Of course, he will define the term entrepreneur a little more broadly than most – choosing to include those who have employers but have the mindset of the entrepreneur (a.k.a “intrapreneur”). His experience at Deloitte as well as his time starting, managing, and selling a business in the energy sector before joining the financial services industry, makes Brandon an insider to this community and uniquely positions him to provide insight and expertise to business owners. Acknowledging that not everyone will own a business, Brandon encourages people to take ownership of whatever role they are in to create opportunities for their careers, their finances, and ultimately, their families. Brandon believes that everyone has the capacity to live a life of significance and meaning.

With Brandon, family always comes first. His most important roles are as a husband to his wife, Kelly, and as a father to Jake (age 10), Anna (age 8) and Luke (age 3). Brandon, a resident of Duxbury, MA, can often be found volunteering on the baseball field or the soccer field. Brandon is very active in his congregation at Shipyard Church, is an avid golfer, and is a fan of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. Keep an eye out for the UGA flag flying prominently at Duxbury Beach.

Kyle Simmons, CFP®

About Kyle Simmons, CFP®

After graduating from Texas A&M, Kyle started his career in strategy and management consulting in Houston, Texas. He advised clients in many industries and developed problem solving and analytical skill sets.

Kyle joined one of his clients full time and served in finance, supply chain, and operations. He spent most of his time working on $1B of company acquisitions, integrating those acquisitions, and building shared services for the larger enterprise. Kyle’s role as a general manager required management of 50 people and a $20M annual budget.

In 2018, Kyle came back home to the family business. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and is registered with the SEC as an investment advisor representative. In his personal time, Kyle likes to hang out with his wife and three kids or riding his road bike.

Craig Toberman, CFP®, CPA

About Craig Toberman, CFP®, CPA


Thank you for visiting. We value the opportunity to plan your future, invest with your confidence, reduce your taxes, and extend your legacy. Yet, our mission is deeper.

We believe wealth is a tool for remarkable good when managed with 1) clarity, 2) organization, and 3) communication. Wealth has a powerful ability to shape the values of your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, but it can also come between them if even one of these factors is missing.

We are here to walk with you for generations. From our family to yours, let’s create a plan to grow your wealth and bring your family closer in the process.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or email any time.


Kristina Runzer, CFP®

About Kristina Runzer, CFP®

Hi, I’m Kristy – the financial planner for female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial couples.

I believe that money is a tool that can help you bring your visions to life, create choices and opportunities, and provide security and peace of mind.

You’re out there making it happen, and your business is growing! You’re doing a great job earning and you have more cash than you know what to do with.

You’re ready to maximize the money you’re earning and you need help managing and multiplying it. It’s time to put that money to work and use it to build wealth!

I’m that financial partner that can help you get your finances together, create a holistic plan for your business and personal finances, and feel confident that you’re making the right decisions.

All while feeling like you’re sitting down with a friend who gets you and is holding space for you without judgment.

I would love to connect with you and hear about your journey through life, entrepreneurship, and with your finances.

Email: uryyb@baebhgrsvanapvny.pbz if you have any questions, and you can schedule a complimentary intro call to learn more.

Ryan Shannon, CFP®

About Ryan Shannon, CFP®

R.M. Shannon Wealth Management is founded on the belief that wealth management starts with truly knowing our clients. As such, we offer exceptional service to select clientele.
With a full understanding of your situation, lifestyle, family, priorities, and goals, we then help you use your wealth for the things in life you value most. This is growing and using wealth according to your values.

We are an independent, fee-only registered investment adviser with no ties to any one financial institution—differentiating ourselves from employees of banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. We do this to assure an objective position with no incentive to sell anything or invest in a certain fund. We believe that by being truly independent, we can see the best ways to serve you. This reduces conflicts of interest and assists us in getting to know our clients. We are here to do with a client’s wealth what is best for them.

Josh Flatley, CFP®, MBA

About Josh Flatley, CFP®, MBA

Josh Flatley, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, is the Managing Member of X Vector, Ltd. He has been in financial services since 1996. Over the years, he has been an insurance salesman, stockbroker, financial paraplanner, and an investment adviser representative and has held various licenses to include Nevada Life and Health licenses, FINRA (formerly NASD) Series 6, 7, 26, 66, and is currently a Series 65 licensee.

Prior to his interest in helping people with their financial planning needs, Josh was (and still is) an avid aviator. He had his first airplane ride through the Civil Air Patrol at age 13. And that was it! A lifetime passion for all things flight. He started in sailplanes and (finance permitting), progressed into single-engine powered lessons. He earned his Private Pilot license shortly after high school and went on to learn to fly with the military. Josh flew the C-130 Hercules for almost 10 years and then flew the KC-135 Stratotanker. He holds a Commercial, Multi-Engine Land license with Instrument Rating.

When not planning or flying, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife, Melissa, and dogs, Luna & Brrrt. Hobbies include snow-skiing and reading about the Golden Age of Pirates.

Daniel Yerger, CFP®, MBA

About Daniel Yerger, CFP®, MBA, ChFC®, AIF®, CDFA®

MY Wealth Planners is the First & Only Fee-Only Financial Planning firm in Longmont, CO. MY Wealth Planners brings specific expertise to entity, partnership, operating agreement, business sale, and business succession planning, in addition to supporting existing businesses attract and retain top talent through executive compensation planning.

An Army Veteran, Daniel brings his passion for financial planning and the power it has to improve the lives of his clients to the table in the form of significant financial planning experience, the highest number of financial professional designations of any financial planner in Longmont, and a deep love of the Longmont community.

Brad Kingsley, CFP®

About Brad Kingsley, CFP®

Hi! I’m Brad Kingsley, a fee-only financial planner based in Charleston, South Carolina – serving clients worldwide through technology solutions.

I help professionals and business owners clarify their finances then develop and execute a plan to achieve their personal life goals – through fee-only comprehensive financial planning.

An ideal financial plan is built around your specific values, goals, and dreams.

Within our relational process, we’ll clarify your current financial state, explore your ideal vision of the future, and evaluate options to achieve as much as possible – considering prioritization of various scenarios.

Financial planning solutions include advice on cash flow and budgeting, debt management, investments, retirement planning, employee benefits, insurance, real estate, and topics specific to current and future small business owners.

As a fee-only financial advisor, I do not receive commissions or other compensation from the sale of specific investments or insurance products. This is a conflict-of-interest I decided to purposely avoid. I represent you and your best interests, and only get paid based on a clear agreed-upon fee schedule.

Investing is just one part of a healthy financial plan – but an important part.

In our relationship, we will clarify your risk tolerance to understand the best way to balance your portfolio and minimize your investing anxiety. We also clarify personal details and goals, and merge this with risk profiles, to optimize your portfolio in the best way toward your goals – for you personally.

With business advisement, I help small business owners maximize the value of their businesses. This includes business operations, finance, and profits, but also positioning intrinsic value for a future exit/sale.

Personally I have started, grown, managed, and successfully sold my own business. I’ve dealt with startup tasks, human resources, technology, management, finance and everything else you are dealing with. If you want someone to come alongside you who has already successfully navigated these areas, let’s talk about business advisement services.