Colin Zizzi, CFP®, AIF®

About Colin Zizzi, CFP®, AIF®, CEPA®

Colin is the founder of Zizzi Investments. Investing and athletics have always been two of Colin’s biggest passions.

He began playing soccer at age five and was introduced to the stock market in middle school through a mock stock-picking competition. Colin studied finance and accounting at American University, where he played on the NCAA Division 1 soccer team. After college, he moved to Spain for 16 months to pursue his dream of playing professional soccer. He returned home to play professional soccer in Central PA for the next three years.

While still playing soccer, he joined a local advisory firm in Harrisburg, where he spent the next 10 years. During this time, Colin earned his CFP®, AIF®, and CEPA® designations, while helping to oversee both qualified retirement plan assets and individual wealth management relationships.

Colin resides in Mechanicsburg, PA with his wife Molly, his sons Carter, Julian, and Leo, and his dog Sage. He’s a member of the West Shore Free Church in Mechanicsburg. He continues to stay involved in soccer through coaching and volunteering with the JT Dorsey Foundation, a local non-profit dedicated to positively impacting youth through the sport of soccer. Colin’s other hobbies include golfing, travel, playing guitar, reading, and working out.

Jefferson Rotherham, CFP®, MSFP

About Jefferson Rotherham, CFP®, MSFP

Orion Capital Management is honored and humbled to have been voted Best of Coronado Island 2022 for the Investment Management/Financial Advisor category!

My goal as a financial planner is to help give clients the freedom to live their best life. I am passionate about helping clients reach their goals through clear financial plans and tax-efficient retirement strategies that take the stress and worry out of investment management. Over the course of my career, I have developed and monitored hundreds of financial plans for clients in a wide range of circumstances.

I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy and work well with retired military clients, particularly those embarking on a new career or entrepreneurial venture as I understand the complexities of military life and retirement. I also work well with business owners looking for clear solutions and well-structured tax and retirement strategies to simplify their financial lives.

Prior to embarking on a career in financial planning, I served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years as a Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician/Special Operations Operator. I spent the majority of my Navy career in Special Operations, training and leading advanced EOD operational elements and teams.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Advanced Financial Planning from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University.

I live in Coronado, California, with my wife Sarah and our three children. I am a regular volunteer at Coronado schools and various athletic activities. I am an active supporter of the EOD Warrior Foundation and the Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation. In my free time, I enjoy time with family and friends, travel, wine tasting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Philip Mock, CFP®, CFA

About Philip Mock, CFP®, CFA

I’m a native Oklahoman and I’ve spent the last decade working in wealth management firms before launching 1522 Financial in 2022. Previously, I was Chief Investment Officer at an independent Trust Company in Oklahoma.

1522 Financial is a modern wealth management firm that focuses on delivering innovative financial plans without unnecessary complexity. I believe planning should be like most things in life – flexible, and we do not require clients to have me manage their assets in order to work with us. Whether we’re diving into complex financial planning or helping to create investment portfolios to meet clients’ goals – we are a fiduciary.

I’m a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University for both my Masters and Bachelors degrees. I also completed the Executive Program in Financial Planning from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. In addition, I hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Chartered Financial Analyst designations. I’ve spent most of the last decade building on my knowledge of financial planning, financial markets, and investing in an effort to be the best possible resource for my clients.

When I’m not helping clients, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, playing golf, and playing guitar. I’m also an avid reader and am always up for a good book recommendation.

Kelly Nilsson, CFP®, JD

About Kelly Nilsson, CFP®, JD

Money is not complicated – our relationship with money is. As an industry, financial services has traditionally put the spotlight on money, failing to center the human in the story. Money is a human construct – it is an extension, a reflection, and a record of us and how we live. Money is important, but not as important as you.

As a financial planner, my role is to support, guide, inform, and empower my clients to integrate money and finance into their lives in a way that is deeply personal and affirming. If you want to connect to money and finance in a new and positive way, we should talk!

My journey in finance began in 1992, and since then I have worked with thousands of professionals and clients in the industry. Working with companies large and small and people from all walks of life, I have amassed deep expertise and empathy available to anyone who wants to create better outcomes and a healthier relationship with money.

Family, curiosity, and trust are my highest values. There is nothing I love more than hiking the Northern California mountains with my husband Martin and son Sebastian or laughing wildly with my sisters and mom over something silly.

I am a proud graduate of Mount Holyoke College, receiving a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations. I have held the Certified Financial Planner designation since 2003 and in 2018 I received a Juris Doctor from St. Francis School of Law.

Lee Generous, CFP®, ChFC®

About Lee Generous, CFP®, ChFC®, EA

During my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a full spectrum of clients, including those opening their first retirement accounts to those on top of the Forbes wealthiest list and their family offices. A family office is one that a wealthy family hires as the necessary professionals to handle their wealth management as full-time employees working solely for their family. Each wealthy family has a dedicated CEO who runs their entire office and encompasses subject matter expertise in numerous areas. Family offices are usually reserved for people with an excess of $100 million because of the cost to create and maintain them. Every member of the office collaborates to ensure the family’s goals are achieved. My time working with the world’s wealthiest and supporting their family offices has created a desire to emulate this model for all by collaborating with your existing team of professionals.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, Chartered Financial Consultant®, and Enrolled Agent with the IRS I focus on bringing the collaborative planning delivered by Family Offices to the clients who work with our team. This means collaborating with the existing professionals in their lives to cover all aspects of their comprehensive planning needs. This may include details associated with asset allocation, investment research, portfolio manager selection, real estate investment analysis, business planning, estate planning, tax planning, risk management and retirement planning. I cherish the trust and confidence that clients place in me to provide guidance along the path toward financial independence. After 17 years in the industry, I have come to realize that building relationships with clients and their team of professionals allows us to be a resource for them to pursue financial success and, in turn, provide me with the greatest satisfaction.

Michael Tarascio, CFP®

About Michael Tarascio, CFP®

Michael is the Lead Planner and Founder of Tarascio Financial Planning, LLC. He is passionate about using Comprehensive Financial Planning to help professionals and business owners save more of their money, pay less tax, retain their employees, and use their business for creative estate planning strategies.

After more than a decade in corporate America working with families and business owners, Michael decided to shun the awards and promotions in order to pursue a more meaningful calling – working directly with families and entrepreneurs in an impactful and unhindered way. A CFP® Professional, Michael received his B.A. from the University of Oregon and M.A. from Boston College and when he’s not working you can find him playing soccer with his kids, mountain biking and traveling.

Tarascio Financial Planning is deeply influenced by Angela Duckworth’s Grit and those themes permeate the culture of the firm. “We’re here to serve our clients. There’s WAY too much hidden cost, conflicts of interest, and salesmanship involved in personal financial advice. Our mission is help clients avoid bad business models by providing Fee-Only, holistic Financial Planning. Let us reduce your fees, simplify your plan, and crush those nagging, ‘am-I-doing-this-right?’ inner voices!”

Sharon Weaver, CFP®, AWMA

About Sharon Weaver, CFP®, AWMA

I built Mission Financial Planning to provide financial planning in a purely advice-only, fee-only, fiduciary role. I have been a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for 25 years.

My focus: Financial planning for dentists. Services include personal and practice cash flow planning, debt management, tax strategy, education funding, retirement plans and retirement planning, insurance assessment, and estate planning.

Over the years many dentist clients have referred other dentists, as well as non-dentist friends and family, to work with us. We are flattered with every referral – dentist or not – and honored to bring them into our family of great clients, if the fit is right.

Let’s schedule a time to talk about your financial questions and find out if our areas of expertise would add value to your long-term planning.

Thank you for considering Mission Financial Planning!

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Matt Stebnicki, CFP®, MBA

About Matt Stebnicki, CFP®, MBA

Matt Stebnicki, MBA, CFP® serves as the Founder, Owner and Principal Officer of Stebnicki Financial Planning LLC. His passion is helping his clients make smart financial decisions that will help them reach their life goals. Matt has been been practicing financial planning for over 20 years. He was an Associate with Standard & Poor’s and held management positions at several Bay Area Tech Companies. Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cornell University in 1998 and earned an MBA with a focus in Finance from Duke University in 2004. Matt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a fiduciary, which means he will always puts his client’s interests first.

Gregory Goff, CFP®, CIMA®

About Gregory Goff, CFP®, CIMA®, ChFC®, CLU®

Sound Wealth Management helps millennial real estate professionals grow and protect their wealth while saving in taxes. We work best with top-performing real estate brokers, agents, and investors who want to use their variable income to their advantage. Our clients understand that real estate is a powerful tool to build wealth, but they would like to protect their wealth against fluctuations in the real estate market.

Ryan Kaysen, CFP®

About Ryan Kaysen, CFP®

Ryan Kaysen is a Blue Bell, PA fee-only financial planner. Integritas Financial provides estate planning, asset management, and other financial planning strategies. Ryan works with a network of attorneys, insurance brokers, CPA’s, and other professionals to bring you the solutions you need for a comprehensive financial plan. As a fiduciary, Ryan will never accept commissions of any sort to maintain the integrity of the relationship.

Ryan has worked in the finance industry for over 10 years while adding other real world experience such as real estate investing, small business management, exit planning , family planning, and other life work that helped give him a well-rounded outlook on life. Without these other experiences he wouldn’t be able to look at his clients through an empathetic lens to offer them what they truly need. You can only learn so much from books whereas life can sometimes be the best teacher.

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