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Hi, I’m Scott Snider. Ever since I witnessed the stressful impact the dot-com market crash had on home-life as a kid, I had a dream of breaking into the financial services industry. I was confident I could leverage my analytical talent and passion for helping people towards reducing a family’s financial regrets. I am proud to say I have worked as a financial advisor for more than 10 years, and don’t know how I could be doing anything else.

This passion has steered me in many directions. More recently it’s lead me to focus on a societal issue delaying the lives of the next generation. At the moment our country is saddled with $1.3-trillion in student loan debt. Unfortunately, it’s an elephant in the room many of us have ignored for way too long. Rather than bury my head in the sand, I made a conscious decision to start a financial practice that helps professionals balance paying down their student debt with many of the other competing financial goals that get in the way. Issues like: setting aside money for a rainy day, minimizing credit card debt, how much to save for retirement, buying a house, changing jobs, and other costly financial matters.

To put the issue into perspective, the amount of financial resources required to eventually pay off student loans, especially for professional degrees like Veterinarians and Doctors, is often more costly than purchasing a first home. When I thought about it this way, it dawned on me… Why aren’t borrowers doing more careful planning? Why aren’t more advisors offering a comprehensive service that is the root many financial problems? This is how Mellen Money Management got started. With proper guidance, student loan borrowers gain the assurance necessary in order to maximize their financial resources across the board. My company’s mission is to help hard-working professionals achieve the kind of lifestyle they envisioned when they first graduated.

Mellen Money Management is named after my grandparents, who, along with my parents, helped pave my way to an affordable college education. Without their generosity, I would be saddled with the same student debt issue many young professionals are facing today. My grandparents’ lifetime of generosity has inspired and shaped this organization, and, hoping to follow in their footsteps, I am working to make the cost of higher learning easier to manage. So that their legacy is always remembered, Mellen Money Management is pledging to donate 2% of company revenues towards funding research to make higher learning more affordable for future generations.

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