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About Pam Horack, CFP®

Think of me as Your Financial Mom – the planner that works with regular families. Throughout my career, it seemed that financial advisors were always looking to sell their products or manage money to retirees, business owners, or those with lots of money – no one wanted to plan and budget for everyone else. My clients look like just like regular people:


• Mom and Dad get up in the morning, get the kids off to school, work all day either at home or an office, come home, get dinner on the table, pay the bills, hope the house isn’t underwater, and have a little money in their retirement account.

• Getting married? Congrats! Now you need to combine your finances. No one needs financial planning more than two people getting married; except two people getting divorced. It’s much easier to get it right on the front side.

• You have graduated from college, moved into the real world, and started your own life. But Mom is still paying your cell phone bill and doing your laundry. You can make it on your own with some spending strategies and cash flow controls.


You will get the tools and advice needed to plan your retirement, create your budget, and save for your goals. My local and national resources can help you put together your will or review your insurance. Each client receives an easy-to-read financial plan outlining your current situation, alternatives to reach your goals, and an action plan to get you there.

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Where the Hell is My Money?

May 15, 2017

One of the most onerous tasks in all of finance is the dreaded brokerage account transfer. In fact, it is consistently at or near the top of the most common complaints fielded by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). ​A common source of frustration is the amount of time a transfer takes to be completed. Even with all the technology we have today, many transfers continue to be a manual process -- despite being touted as & [...]

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Investment Management (And Why You Need It)

April 29, 2017

We were so excited when we bought our first house​! It was a place to call our own. A place for our future children and an asset that we could improve upon with paint and some yard work.Fast forward one year, and we realized all that we didn't know. Painting takes time and effort that we didn't always have. The only yard work we really did was keep up the grass because I don't like getting my hands dirty, and we didn't have time for any other landscaping. And then there were all those lit [...]

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Understanding Investment Strategies

April 17, 2017

Think about this: We plan for birthdays, holidays, and even vacations; but we don't give nearly as much consideration to one of the most plan-required tasks of all: Investing. Trying to invest your money without an investment strategy is akin to the Carolina Panthers heading into a football game without a playbook. Sure, there’s a possibility that they could win based on sheer talent and prior experience, but having a plan and some direction would significantly improve their chances. [...]

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  • Recent Graduates
  • Working Families

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